Reading by Flashlight

My mother had taught me to read by the time I was four and by the time I was five I was already starting to find out about all of the cool stuff that Forrest J. Ackerman wrote about in
 Famous Monsters of Filmland
This was the first issue I ever had too. 

Soon after I discovered and fell in love with Horror Comics
You name it, I read it... Twice! Tales of, Haunt of, Crypt of, Witching Hour and Fear of whatever was all great and well read. 
And by flashlight allot of times, which was kind of ironic because I was terrified of everything outside of my flashlight lit monster proof blanket shelter. 

Then the mid seventies gave us magazines on
 shark attacks thanks to the movie JAWS
 They almost always airbrushed in blood onto the dead sharks mouths...

Alien Abduction Magazines thanks to
 Close Encounters
Remember kids it's official!

And The Bermuda Triangle 
was the most dangerous place in the world!
I freaked out when I found out my second grade teacher told me her flight was going over it!

All of this readied me for all of the countless Horror novels and Stephen King books I could get my hands on. And from time to time I will give a review on what I've read in the past and present.
These reviews take a little longer to happen because it takes a little longer to get through a book than a movie.