Inside The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store

The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store

Back in 2011 I decided it would be a great idea to interview all kinds of people from the horror world. Not a single person would be left out, if they were into horror in any capacity they were going to be interviewed. 

The only thing was I had no idea where to interview them...

But one day The Horror Gods had smiled upon me and guided me to the perfect place to invite them and really let them be themselves during an interview. And the best part is that place is an abandoned video store in my home town.  


It has a ton of room to accommodate any guest and anything they may need with them for their interview. The old horror section still has some great choices in the racks and there's a old "Meet The Klump's" to hide behind when the cops do a patrol in their cars and shine a spotlight in.

And in case the cops do spot us and decide to bust in and try to catch us there's a door in the horror section to race out of to the back area and the back of the store. 
  And I've made use of it plenty of times...

And if you go through the door in the back of the horror section on a normal day you can go to the back section which serves as a workshop that I use when I have time. Or as a storage area for props and sometimes backdrops for interviews. 

The back of the store doesn't do much but I figured I would let you see where the last door leads to.

And now that you've had the complete tour 
I can start up the interviews again. 

See you soon.