Thursday, May 14, 2015

Derek Huey Lives!!!

By - Stephen Mezo

Thanks to Thomas Gleba at I was made aware that Derek Huey is still out there. 

Yeah he's always been out there, but I mean I kind of lost track of him with a lot of things that was going on Planet Steve...  

Well it tuns out he just finished a horror short for a contest entry by the name of "I'm Sorry" and let me see a digital screener! I can't post a link to it until Derek officially releases it, but I have to say that he did it again!

I don't want to give anything away so I can't talk about the plot, but you can see Derek's growth as a Writer/Director with each release. And he is still that master of pulling the uncomfortable laughs out of his audience. I don't know how he does it, but he has a way of doing it without using any kind of obvious shock gags. It's like seeing somebody fall on the ice or walk into a glass door or wall with a huge fountain drink. You know that you shouldn't laugh but you find yourself doing it anyway. 

He told me he was trying to get away from doing that but I'm glad he didn't. Because it's like his signature the same as Alfred Hitchcock's cameos and the famous 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that we know so well. 

And I can say that I really liked the story line and can't wait to get the link up for everyone to see it soon!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Talking about Rabbit Hole!


By - Steve Mezo

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Rob Dimension's work and have really come to look at him with mad respect. He does what he loves and works to keep whichever arena he's working in positive (which is sadly a rarity these days with a lot of others). 

And he's yet another person that I've had the pleasure of meeting that's traveled some very familiar territory. We've all taken different paths, but have gone through the same terrain and have strong women with us that pick us up and dust us off after each Willie E. Coyote moment with our entertainment pursuits. 

Now let me tell you about Rob Dimension's latest release

Rabbit Hole is the title of the first short that we are introduced to as well as the collection of all four shorts within. I am all about anthologies and consider this DVD one. There aren't any tie  segments or a wrap around story line. But the shorts fit together so well that it really doesn't need it. 

"Rabbit Hole" (Written/Directed by Rob Dimension and Co-Directed by Mike O' Mahony) has a young mother searching for her missing daughter, are a creepy minister and a not so friendly rabbit to blame?

"Boob Tube" (Written by Rob Dimension) takes voyeuristic view into the day in the life of a man with some serious relationship issues.

"M is for Memoirs" (Written/Directed by Adam Ahibrandt and Starring Rob Dimension and Kim Dimension as an entry to "The ABC's of Death") is the darkest of the stories and has you yelling "M should be for MORE BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME!!!"

And the fourth short "Don't Try This at Home!" (Witten/Directed by Mike O' Mahony) Actually had me squirming a little.  

And There's a second DVD included from

See Rob Dimension Jr. work to become
 wrestling talent Curt Robinson in
The DVD (Directed by Rob Dimension and Matt Barnes) is a second disk presented with Rabbit Hole where Rob Dimenson is documenting the work that his son is putting into becoming a professional wrestler. Nothing is handed to his son who is wrestling as Curt Robinson. And he is juggling Professional Training, traveling, Wrestling in Pro Matches and still wresting on his High School team as well as keeping his grade average up. 

And it's beyond cool to see how much love and support he gets from his father and mother Rob and Kim Dimension as he takes this journey into the world of Professional Wrestling. 

And make sure to visit



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So much to type about, so little time...


So much been happening and so little time to type about it...

If you've been following the site for a while I want to thank you, and if you're new here there's an archive on the right of everything I've posted here in the past four years. It's really scary to realize how fast that time has gone by. And if you're wondering just what this site is about I have a button for each topic on the right too.

I really can't wait to sit down and get everyone caught up on what's been going on. There's new Indie Monster and Horror movies coming out that I am really grateful to be part of by Thomas Berdinski, Matt Steel Thomas Ryan and Newt Wallen. Then there's movies I've watched and need to yammer about, toys and action figures that I've added to my collection which I'll have reviews for or just talked about, friends that have really cool characters and projects out there and if that's not enough I'll have the adventures of "Traveling Frankenstein".


See all of you really soon.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Palying Alien Isolation on the PS4

By - Stephen Mezo

I just finished playing Alien Isolation on the PS4 and let me tell you it took a long time to do it...
It did have some glitches here and there and was way longer than it had to be, but it was worth the play time. The rest of his yadda, yadda is spoilers all the way through. So please stop yourself from reading further right here if you just want to buy the game and play sight unseen. 

Last chance...

Okay here we go!!!

First I want to start with if you haven't bought it yet, buy yourself a pre owned copy and save yourself a few dollars. Like I said I enjoyed playing it for the most part, but because of some parts that I'll talk about in a second I could have happily bought a pre owned. 

In the game your in the year 2137 as Ripley's daughter Amanda.
This is fifteen years after Ellen destroyed the first and blew up the Nostromo, and 42 years before Ellen is found by a salvage ship.

Amanda is investigating a space station that has possession of the Nostromo's flight recorder. Only problem is Amanda finds out too late that our favorite Xenomorph has put the galactic beat down on the space stations crew... 

When you're playing the game as Amanda you're reminded pretty quickly that she's an engineer and not a Space Marine. So you spend a lot of time laying low and moving a stealthy as possible to avoid run ins with paranoid survivors, homicidal Synthetics called "Working Joes" and the Xenomorph itself.  
Now there are parts of the game where you get all freaked out and are loving it (Especially with the lights off and while wearing headphones) but the game has way too much back and forth. And you figure this out way early on when you find that certain doors need special tools to open them.

And then there's the way too long play time. Don't get me wrong I want my money's worth from a game, but when your replaying the same ares for what feels like the fifteenth time you start to feel a little cheated. Which is why I recommend buying a pre owned copy.  


Talking about Tom Ryans's movie FACES


By - Stephen Mezo 

 Tonight I'm talking about writer/director Tom Ryan's latest release
FACES (2014)

It's really cool getting to see a friend really develop as an artist. I remember when I had purchased Tom's first release "Day 9" about a year ago and really liking it. But then I just watched "FACES" tonight and was beyond impressed!

It had a great story, and I was really blown away by his use of camera angles. I mean most that try to do this go overboard and wind up taking away from getting lost in the movie. But Tom Ryan must have researched and studied the correct techniques for using them because it was the first thing that grabbed my attention.
And as Rob Dimension once said "It's great seeing a filmmaker use the locations as characters themselves". 

Another thing I loved about it is how much it reminded me of the styles of great 80's horror/thriller Video Store finds like Joseph Ellison's "Don't go in the  house", George A. Romero's "Martin" and "MANIAC" starring Joe Spinell that we grew up with. 

Tom Ryan really impressed me with how he actually had you rooting for his character about Frank Walker. I mean you shouldn't be, but you just can't help yourself. And everyone involved kept the story moving and the world of FACES real.

Can be purchased on DVD with Paypal

And tell Tom Ryan that Tattooed Steve sent you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Talking about Kevin Smith's Movie TUSK.

By - Steve Mezo

Just saw Kevin Smith's new movie "TUSK" with my mom today!

We all know the story of how Kevin came up with the idea for the movie's story on a Smoddcast, and with a very strong vote of #WalrusYes he went and made it. But he made something so much more.

I'll be the first to admit that I did a big old eye roll when I first found about it and yelled "Great so we have to wait even longer for CLERKS III!!!" And then yelled "Step away from the bong Lunchbox, this Misery and Island of Dr. Moreau mash up is going to suck!"
And boy did I ever eat those words with a second helping...

Kevin just about did a theatrical version of "Hey here's a really funny joke!" Then as your laughing he punches you dead in the face and starts laughing at your shocked reaction, then goes "Hey come on here's the rest of the joke!" but now you're unsure if you should keep laughing at the humor of the joke and without warning he hits you again! 
And I mean this in a huge complimentary way.

It had a great story and there is such a heart breaking reasoning behind Howard Howe's doings.   

I have always love Michael Parks performances in his roles and Justin Long as "Not-See Podcaster" Wallace Bryton, had me leaving my Jaded seen it all self at the door. 

The effects were all latex, fake blood and greasepaint but I didn't care, because Michael Parks and Justin Long had me in that lonely house in Canada right there with them the whole time!  

There's so much more I want to say about it and maybe a year down the road I will. But right now I just want to tell everyone to find the theaters that are showing it and buy a ticket for something that is more than worth the watch!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Scott Ruth Reviews WWE's "Leprechaun: Origins".

Hey Tattooed Steve here with a little introduction...

You have no idea how excited I am about this! Scott Ruth is the reviewing Dick Smith to my Tom Savini. And The Storage Unit of Terror wouldn't even be here without his encouragement to start typing my take on movies I've seen, and my wife Jackie's encouragement to make the site and even naming it.

One of the only ways I could think of truly thanking him is by hosting a showcase featuring his reviews. In my humble opinion he is one of the best reviewers out there and I am honored to have him here. 

Now without any further interruption allow me to present

By - Scott Ruth

This installment is for WWE's "Leprechaun: Origins"

When I first learned that WWE was going to "reboot" the Leprechaun franchise I feared the worst. Now you may ask how anything could be worse than what that franchise had become with the Lep in the hood and in space, but when it comes to WWE and their movies? Anything is possible. The first shots posted on some sites showed WWE wrestler Dylan Postl, aka Hornswoggle, looking just like he usually does, only with darker hair (at the time he still had blondish hair) and with a menacing look in his eyes.

Was THIS what they thought would take the place of
 Warrick Davis' classic Leprechaun?

Eventually the trailer hit and I found myself relieved to know that those pictures were not from the movie set at all. Whew! The trailer grabbed my attention but I was still concerned since WWE has never made even one good film as far as I am concerned. Even See No Evil was awful. (On a side note, I am hopeful that the Soska Sisters will turn that lame duck franchise into something great with See No Evil 2). After sitting through Leprechaun: Origins I came to a few conclusions. One being that this film is not connected to the original Leprechaun series at all. This isn't really a remake nor a reboot at all. It's a new and rather clever retelling of the old Irish Leprechaun folklore. The story is, as I mentioned, quite original and fairly well thought out.

What may seem like just another horror movie about a group of kids stuck in the middle of nowhere left to battle some monstrous creature becomes a far more entertaining film thanks to the film's new take on the Leprechaun mythos. The acting is far better than most of today's monster movies. I have to admit, though, that Hornswoggle was not needed in this film at all. The Leprechaun monster could have just as easily been played by a puppet with a few talented puppeteers. Most of the scenes in which the Lep is shown, he's not shown full body so all I can assume is that WWE wanted Postl to star in this as a means to promote another one of their wrestlers as being a talented actor. Nothing against Postl himself, as he may very well be a great actor but it didn't show in this film.

The Leprechaun looked great and was rather terrifying but, as I mentioned, it seemed to be a puppet with animatronics was used more often than Postl in the Lep suit. I could be wrong here but that's how it comes off therefor if I am wrong, then my point of the film not needing Postl or anyone in the Lep suit is in fact proven. If you want to have one hell of a good time with a modern film that takes on more of a feel of the films that many of us grew up with in the 1980's, then Leprechaun : Origins may be the film for you. I had a blast watching it, and in a sense, it made me feel like a kid again, watching one of the many awesome old school monster movies.