Friday, January 12, 2018

Vistiting GHOST HOUSE 2007

By - Stephen Mezo

I was making my way through the virtual video store Horror section and GHOST HOUSE (2017) seemed like a good choice.
And I'm glad that I was right.

Set in Thailand a young couple Jim and Julie from America take a trip there to see the sights and beauty of the country.
But it doesn't take long for them to discover some of the local lore and wind up on a tour that wasn't on the travel site.

I really liked the pacing of the movie and I am all about Japanese Vengeance Ghost (yes I know I said it takes place in Thailand but she is a Japanese Vengeance Ghost) you'll see when you watch it. 
It also has an awesome creep factor and plenty of awesome jump scares too. And for all of you S.O.A. fans you'll get to see a familiar face. 

After watching the movie I decided to look up Ghost Houses also known as Spirit Houses and the movie does keep close to the folklore and beliefs involved with them. 
The small houses are set out as offerings for ghost to stay in and various offerings like food are usually left outside of the houses to appease the spirits and keep them happy in their homes. But if anyone disturbs these houses or the offerings made they bring the wrath of that spirit onto themselves or their own home. 

I don't want to type too much and cause spoilers but I will say that if you've enjoyed Asian ghost movies and/or their American versions I think you'll really like this one too.         

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Talking About THE TOYS THAT MADE US Show


By - Stephen Mezo 

Talking about

Brian Volk - Weiss show is so good I can guarantee that you will binge watch the entire first four episodes of this Docu-Series! Instead of each episode simply being a video catalogue of every piece of every line (because that's what the internet is for) it gives you the backstory of each line.
From concept, to design, to prototype, to artwork and release.

On top of that it covers how each of these toy lines affected toys and parents culturally and socially. And if you're a dude the Barbie episode is required watching. Not only is her origin cool but it blew me away how even the idea of Barbie had to win over moms first so that they would buy her for their daughters. And then how she had changed quite a few times to keep up with the times and trends.

It's really cool how the interviews with most of the people people that created these lines are very candid and give you first hand accounts on what was involved with creating and marketing the toys.

There is literally something for everyone and since it's fast becoming a huge hit there are more episodes coming to back up my statement. And since there is a lot to fit into a time slot there are additional segments from the aired episodes on their Facebook page. One of those extras is the legend of the "Wonder Bread He-Man" which seems to have it's own Mandela Effect to add to the mystery. 

Then there's the "Hey what about these toys?" questions. 
This is where I don't envy those involved with TTTMU in creating this show. Because even though there are as many toys as stars in the sky they have to had some kind of cultural and or social effect. Then they have to figure how much information about each toy line makes it to the aired episodes and what becomes extra features later. So yeah they can't please everyone but they do try their best. 

As far as episodes I would like to see the Fisher-Price toys are a big old favorite. Yeah their pull along and push toys were cool, but the introduction of Little People around the time I was one and then Adventure People later changed playtime for me forever. 

Another I would love to see would cover two Monster Kid Decades with the Aurora Monster Models that made every kids bedroom smell like paint and glue, and inspired kids that never touched a car, plane or boat kit to get creative and build and paint something else. 

Then there would be the MEGO - AHI rivalry in making their 8" Universal Monster figures that had MEGO creating Mad Monsters and AHI creating the Official Worlds Greatest Super Monsters after a licensing situation. Then another issue had caused AHI to create Action Apeman while MEGO secured the licensing for their Planet of The Apes figures. 

Now I'm going to end this one with my absolute love of the show and hoping there will be even more episodes after the upcoming four for me to binge watch!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The creative crocheting team of Jerry and Tracy Blakey

By - Steve Mezo

I'm not a romantic but I really do love when creative people get married because they really get each other.

And one of those couples is Jerry and Tracy Blakey.

Jerry is a old school gear head and builder.

He's a member of the United Sidecar Association.

He made a Werewolf Mechanic for his Sidecar for a local
Trunk or Treat event.

And competes in Demolition Derbies 
This car was sponsored by Warren F. Disbrow's Horror Movie 
"Hate's Haunted Hayride"
that Jerry was in.

And Tracy is a crochet artist that creates her magic with the assistance of Jerry as a fellow designer and producer.
Tracy Blakey with her creation Hughie the Christmas Octopus.

Tracy was taught to crochet by her grandmother and she can make her creations in a short amount of time.
And the wildest part is she makes them strictly for the love of it as gifts for friends that she knows will love her creations as much as she does. And here are a few of my favorites that my wife and I have as well as our moms. 

Jerry with his Oogie Boogie hat.


Jerry and The Land Shark!

 Tracy and one of her Octopi

And my wife as it's new adopted mom.

 Our Jack Skellington hats.

Our Plastic Bag Monster 

 My wife's Hat and Shoulder Bag Monster

with matching wallet

My mom's Plastic Bag Monster 

And my mother in law with her Monster Shoulder Bag.
She really loves it, but my wife woke her up from a nap to get the picture. 

Thank you for everything Jerry and Tracy!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Knight Storm Photography Witching Hour!

By - Stephen Mezo

Professional Photographer Johnathan Laslo stopped by the 
1 Horror Photo booth today!

And let me get some new prints today from

And this time Model Cassie L. Ravenwood is doing something during The Witching Hour!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween Doc Terror!

Doc Terror Jack-O-Lantern by the insanely talented Ian Futterman

By - Stephen Mezo

Well it's our first Halloween without our much loved friend
James Harris known to the world as "Doc Terror".


 But in the words of David S. Pumpkins
"There's no crying on Halloween!!!" 

So I'm getting out the Magic 8 Ball because it has way more power than any old OUIJA BOARD and asking him if That Great Monster Convention in The Sky is as awesome as I think it is.

And he said...

Now if you'll excuse me I have some Trick or Treating to do
and yes I'm sticking to my diet.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Put a bat on it...

By - Stephen Mezo

Since it's October I have to share my love for the goth couple
 known as "The Weirdos" on the show PORTLANDIA.

Carrie Brownstein as "Jacqueline" and Fred Armisen as "Vincent"

Now before anyone gets angry I don't have any preconceived notion about Portland Oregon because of the show. And I know how that feels because of a s**t show by the name of "The Jersey Shore". And my wife and I are only a few black clothing items away from being those two. 

The only thing I wonder is did their inspiration for The Weirdos come from their years in being in bands and the club scenes or "Goth Talk" that was another huge favorite of mine on SNL?

Chris Kattan as "Azrael Abyss" and Molly Shannon as "Circe Nightshade" 

I'm leaning towards the first because to me Goth Talk was a little more biting (no pun intended) when portraying high school age goths while The Weirdos are seen as every day people that make the world fit into their passion for all things goth. 

And I love when they add the sound effects to their "Most Goth" reactions.

My wife and I love all of the cool kitchen aids and "As Seen on TV" inventions at Bed Bath And Beyond so I'm using stills from our favorite Weirdo episode that takes place there because we act pretty much the same way.  

And like I was saying before I really love how Carrie and Fred portray The Weirdos just like all of their other characters. They just exaggerate the traits of everyone they play and it keeps them beyond relatable to close friends of the viewers without right out making fun of them.