Friday, July 3, 2015

The Storage Unit of Terror Salutes our Troops and Wishes America a Happy Birthday This 4th of July!

Today's post celebrates another birthday for America and is dedicated to those that fight the many dangers out there for us every day!

 Our Armed Forces

The Army

The Navy

The Air Force

And The Marines

I really want to thank these brave men and women for being away from their homes and families to keep us safe from hostiles that wish us harm. 
And I also want to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice...

I'm not making lite of what they really do face every day. But I've been told that when I create these "Salute" post it brings a smile to their faces, and they know I'm thinking of them and I really appreciate everything they do.  

So when you celebrate The 4th please keep everyone serving in mind and respect those that have passed.  

And if you would like to send much needed comforts of home to those serving "Any" is a great site to get information on what they are in need of and how to properly ship it. It even has list of what not to send (Just to keep everyone out of trouble).
The site also has links to Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guard personnel too. Just look to the top banner to find the link to the branch you wish to send supplies to. I've made sure to ask about this site with servicemen and it is one I can recommend.   

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wick'd Jfay Flashback Interview!

By - Steve Mezo

This interview originally appeared on the D'Ment'D Cinema site back on June 6, 2011 when my early incarnation of The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store was simply a side page called "Employee Picks". 

It was with a kind, beautiful woman who the Web World knows as "Jfay". She is extremely talented at creating wearable scents and for a while she was hand making scented candles that were amazingly aromatic without being overpowering. And she had even designed one that was chocolate peppermint for the D'Ment'D Cinema site.


And had even designed and custom cherry cola 
scented candle for my wife.

Now Jfay continues with her scent creations
 along with hand made jewelry designs at her Internet Store 

So let's use The VHS Time Rewinder and check out a interview with the artist known as Jfay.

Okay get ready, Tonight the wick'd woman of wax and potions is in the D'Ment'D Cinema's Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store!
Jfay works in her secret laboratory conjuring Wick'd Candles and Potions for all the ghoulies to enjoy ~

I enter the Abandoned Video Store as usual to get ready for tonight's interview only to be greeted by hundreds of glowing candles.This couldonly mean one thing my guest *Jfay* arrived before me!

I call out her name and in a "Bewitched" type flash of flame Jfay

appears before me. I thank her for being here and we sit amongst her creations to talk. 

Me : So how did all of these get to be here tonight? I mean what was the inspiration for making each one so different?

Jfay: It all came about as I realized that I enjoyed mixing and blending colors and aromas, and was also craving to do something more creative. It first began with candle making.

I enjoyed experimenting with contorting wax in all types of manners to come up with different effects.  My little wax victims have been frozen, stabbed with hot pokers, "bitten" by vampires, endured hot water torture, splashed with "blood", and even put in chains. Any type of torturous effects my little devious brain can come up with, along with the help of my "always happy to participate" evil assistant, Coyote.

Currently I am planning on putting some of my one of a kind designs in my very own online Wax Museum coming soon. This idea was inspired by my dear friend and ghost hunter, "Donna Stewart" of *PSI of Oregon*.

Me: And I hear that you have some other irons in the fire too.
Care to share?

Jfay: My newest venture has been mixing up Wick'd Potions, which are actually very sinfully delicious perfumes and fragrances.

My goal when blending an aroma is to first and foremost make it

something very unique.  Sometimes they are very mysterious, and

sometimes they are just simply so scrumptious  that they would make any monster want to nibble upon your neck! And I have something for everyone -- Men's, Women's and Unisex Aromas are available. And they are bottled in Wick'd Potion Bottles and Potion Necklaces. And you simply MUST visit my Bloody Bordello of Vampire Potions It's where all the Vampires come out to play!  They are fierce and may require a nibble or two before sharing their favorite aromas with you!

I also have a new line of candles that I'm working on called the Vampire Scent Collection. They are fun little candles that the ghoulies can mix and match to create their very own personal collection of their favorite vampy scents. Some can also be paired with the same fragrances found in the Bloody Bordello of Vampire Potions.  Available now are the Blood Line Candle, Eternally Yours, So Wicked, and Ravenous Rose. There willbe more coming very soon!

Me: Wow talk about burning the candle at both ends?! *Snicker*

Oh before we snuff all of the candles and run off into the night I have a couple random questions for you to answer.

1. What was your favorite wax food, or the candy that a least said it

was edible?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is a candy of sorts from my

childhood days.  Those little wax soda bottles filled with some sort of liquid that you would have to bite the top of the bottle off to drink and then chew up the bottle -- Remember those?  A bit ridiculous, but I suppose we thought they were fun then!

2. I always wondered is wax fruit an offering for Mannequins that may stop over to visit?

Certainly!  But they best be on guard when visiting, as me and my evil Coyote may try to use them for our experiments!  Mwhahahaha!!!

3. If someone gave you a free ride there, which would you go to The House of Wax or Waxworks, and which would you spend the night in?

Waxwork!!!  What a thrill it would be to spend an evening with so many famous ghouls.  The likes of Dracula, the Phantom of the Opera, Zombies,

Mummies... A smorgasbord of fun and frightful people!

4. You have a DVD Player that runs on an atomic battery what five DVD's you would want with you on a desert island?


Well...  I would definitely want to have The Rocky Horror Picture Show along that is one of my all time faves! Let's do the Time Warp Again!!

Next, I would have to say I wouldn't want to be stranded anywhere

without my Queen Live at Wimbley DVD gotta have my Freddie!!!

Then, I'd want to have my favorite porn flick, Ten Little Maidens, you know one wouldn't want to get bored... Murder and orgies on an isolated island and a guy killed by a rubber duckie strangling his dick what could be more entertaining?!

And speaking of entertaining, How about John Waters' Pink Flamingos??? Now, that's a wild romp!

Then, I guess to tickle my funny bone, something 3 Stooges!

5. Zombies are running in your front door and you're running out the back door. What three items do you take with you (They don't have to be survival items).

No brainer!  Beer, Cigs, and Tequila. Those zombies aren't getting a hold of my stash! Ha ha ha!!!

Me: Okay, that's the last of them and thank you for letting me keep a few candles here. And thank you for being such a great guest. 

Jfay: Thank you much Steve, and I hope to see you around the Bloody Bordello very soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Showcase of Jonathan Laslo's Knight Storm Photography

By Steve Mezo

Zolton The Zombie invites you to step inside
 and enjoy the Showcase of Jonathan Laslo's
"Knight Storm Photography"

He's really excited about this and wanted it to be a catered affair, but I had to remind him of our budget. I mean it's so tight that a heated up box of pizza rolls and a expired can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler would be extravagant. So we made sure to use the best unit in the complex to hang his works. 

So please no touching of the photos, copying or flash photography. Jonathan was extremely cool in giving Zoltan and me permission to do this gallery and I'm just asking for a little courtesy.  

Now your asking "Well okay Mr. exhibitionist how did you get permission to do this?!"

Well it all goes back to Jonathan and I having a mutual friend by the name of Janet Jay who is also Horror Host "Janet Decay". 

Oh yeah she has T-shirts too

And we're both part of Thomas Berdinski's newest feature 
The Giant Rubber Monster Movie Part 2

Tom is also how I had met Janet through the interwebs here and Janet does a lot of awesome modeling for Jonathan and that is how I met him on the internet through her. 

So now you know how I met Jonathan.

Now onto the showing!



Featured in The Barberton Gallery of Fine Arts




Mandi Doll

For information on hiring Jonathan, Modeling for him or any other inquieries visit him here on his Facebook

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Terror of Blood Slaughter Massacre!!!


By- Stephen Mezo

Back in the 80's I lived my life in the pursuit of the best that the local Mom and Pop Video Stores had to offer in their Horror sections. You name it I probably watched it, no this isn't a "I'm the biggest horror fan ever!" post I just love watching movies. 

Fangoria was my bible and my guide with "The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops" I would search the shelves for new Slashers and Monsters to enjoy. And I was almost never ever disappointed, I mean as long as there was a basic plot and a lot of fake blood and gore I was happy. And this brings me to my review of "Blood Slaughter Massacre"!


Blood Slaughter Massacre "2013"

Mass Graves Productions
Written by Louie Cortes and Manny Serrano
Directed by Manny Serrano

The first time I had seen Blood Slaughter Massacre I was at Todd Staruch's "Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z". I had only caught the second half of the movie but Bradley Creanzo as "Johnny" and Carmella Hayslett-Grillo as "Carla" with a spot by her future husband writer/director Christian Jude Grillo as "The A$$hole", had me wanting to see the whole movie and wanting to own it even more. Only problem was it wasn't for sale yet!!!

So I had to wait... and I did. But when it was available for pre order I had that money out faster than Paypal could process it!

And a month later I had that DVD in my hands. I couldn't wait to put it in the player to take in everything that Blood Slaughter Massacre had to offer, and that was a lot. 

What is it about? Well what was every 80's Slasher about? You had the teens at a party, a jilted jealous ex-boyfriend, a crazy old guy with a dire warning, a police department trying to figure everything out, a hard boiled detective and of course a masked killer by the name of "The Ripper" killing everyone that he could get his hands on for reasons you would find out as you watch the movie. 

  Yup, it was all about this guy doing what he does best!!!

If you love 80's Slashers you will definitely love Blood Slaughter Massacre! Manny Serrano and everyone involved did such an amazing job to make it 80's accurate that I could have sworn it was filmed the same time that I was working on "Flesh Eaters From Outer Space"in Jersey and Andrew Jordan and Barry J. Gillis were working on "THINGS" up in Canada. 
And it was really rare to see a movie set in the 80's that kept the look real. Most filmmakers now think that anything and everything was neon back then... 
I mean they even went as far as creating a believable video store set!

Even the cinematography was spot on for the 80's Slasher Video that came out back then. I can't even imagine how many movies they had to study to get the lighting and any effects with an editing program to emulate the VHS look because HD would have killed the entire illusion of the time setting.  

Manny and Louie supplied a huge body count with plenty of creative kills by The Ripper and even threw in a twist at the end. 
And if that's not enough Bradley Creanzo and Ramon Inoa will keep your ears tuned in with his killer 80's soundtrack!!!

So now that I've told you about it order it, get a mess of hot wings, watch it and love it!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Derek Huey Lives!!!

By - Stephen Mezo

Thanks to Thomas Gleba at I was made aware that Derek Huey is still out there. 

Yeah he's always been out there, but I mean I kind of lost track of him with a lot of things that was going on Planet Steve...  

Well it tuns out he just finished a horror short for a contest entry by the name of "I'm Sorry" and let me see a digital screener! I can't post a link to it until Derek officially releases it, but I have to say that he did it again!

I don't want to give anything away so I can't talk about the plot, but you can see Derek's growth as a Writer/Director with each release. And he is still that master of pulling the uncomfortable laughs out of his audience. I don't know how he does it, but he has a way of doing it without using any kind of obvious shock gags. It's like seeing somebody fall on the ice or walk into a glass door or wall with a huge fountain drink. You know that you shouldn't laugh but you find yourself doing it anyway. 

He told me he was trying to get away from doing that but I'm glad he didn't. Because it's like his signature the same as Alfred Hitchcock's cameos and the famous 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that we know so well. 

And I can say that I really liked the story line and can't wait to get the link up for everyone to see it soon!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Talking about Rabbit Hole!


By - Steve Mezo

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Rob Dimension's work and have really come to look at him with mad respect. He does what he loves and works to keep whichever arena he's working in positive (which is sadly a rarity these days with a lot of others). 

And he's yet another person that I've had the pleasure of meeting that's traveled some very familiar territory. We've all taken different paths, but have gone through the same terrain and have strong women with us that pick us up and dust us off after each Willie E. Coyote moment with our entertainment pursuits. 

Now let me tell you about Rob Dimension's latest release

Rabbit Hole is the title of the first short that we are introduced to as well as the collection of all four shorts within. I am all about anthologies and consider this DVD one. There aren't any tie  segments or a wrap around story line. But the shorts fit together so well that it really doesn't need it. 

"Rabbit Hole" (Written/Directed by Rob Dimension and Co-Directed by Mike O' Mahony) has a young mother searching for her missing daughter, are a creepy minister and a not so friendly rabbit to blame?

"Boob Tube" (Written by Rob Dimension) takes voyeuristic view into the day in the life of a man with some serious relationship issues.

"M is for Memoirs" (Written/Directed by Adam Ahibrandt and Starring Rob Dimension and Kim Dimension as an entry to "The ABC's of Death") is the darkest of the stories and has you yelling "M should be for MORE BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME!!!"

And the fourth short "Don't Try This at Home!" (Witten/Directed by Mike O' Mahony) Actually had me squirming a little.  

And There's a second DVD included from

See Rob Dimension Jr. work to become
 wrestling talent Curt Robinson in
The DVD (Directed by Rob Dimension and Matt Barnes) is a second disk presented with Rabbit Hole where Rob Dimenson is documenting the work that his son is putting into becoming a professional wrestler. Nothing is handed to his son who is wrestling as Curt Robinson. And he is juggling Professional Training, traveling, Wrestling in Pro Matches and still wresting on his High School team as well as keeping his grade average up. 

And it's beyond cool to see how much love and support he gets from his father and mother Rob and Kim Dimension as he takes this journey into the world of Professional Wrestling. 

And make sure to visit