Past Roles and Appearances

Movies - Television

Flesh Eaters From Outer Space: (Face rip) Security Guard, S.I.D. Space Monster, Passanger "Rod" Hitch Hiker Scene, Concert Crowd Member.

(Crew Member): F/X Artist, Production Assistant, Set Builder, Prop Master, Costumer.

Invasion For Flesh And Blood: S.I.D. Space Monster, Video Taped Male.

(Crew Member) F/X Artist, "Golden Slayer" Head Sculptor.

Dark Beginnings: (Crew Member) CGI Stills Artist.

North Awesometon Bears: Ex-Roadie Bartender.

(Crew Member) Costumer.

Bob's Flooring (Commercial): Grizzly Bear.

(Crew Member) Costumer.

American Carny True Tales From The Circus Sideshow: Placed Front Row Crowd Member, Special Thanks. 

Andrew J. Newman's "Portraits and Handwriting": Model

Midnight Show ("Her time of The Month" Trailer): Silent Redneck Thrill Killer/Wheelchair Pusher.

(Crew Member) F/X Artist. 

Silvermania: Party Mania skit "Biker" un-aired. F/X Makeup Artist.

Bigfoot Ninja Holocaust: Production Designer.

David The Vampire: Associate Producer, Prop Builder. 

Paper Boy 3 (The Hard Way): F/X Artist, Actor, Location Assistant. 

Jersey Pines: Prop Builder, Actor.

The Giant Rubber Monster Movie Part 2: Production Designer, Prop and Miniature Set Builder.

FACES: Mug Shot Extra.

TALIPO: Special Thanks.

GONE For The Weekend: Big Bob.  

Live performance

The Costume Shop: Manager, F/X Makeup Artist, Face Painter, Costumer, Prop Builder, Set Builder/Dresser, Professional Horror Clown, Body Puppet Actor, Voice Actor, Actor, Singer.

Hollowgraves Haunted Manor: Co - Manager, Set Builder/Dresser, Prop Master, Haunt Actor, Professional Horror Clown, Publicist.   

Podcast Guest Appearances 

2 For Nantucket: Show Guest. 

No Boundaries Radio Show (Para X Radio): Four Time Show Guest.