Playing Around The House

I have to say that I wouldn't trade being a kid in the 1970's for anything! Monsters were such a huge part of that time and they were integrated into allot of products back then. 

It was great all of these Television Shows, Magazines, Toys, Cartoons and Comic books that were developed by adults that had their horror comics taken away as kids in the 50's. It was like they were making up for lost time with their old friends. And classic monsters were still so popular back then that even breakfast cereals had monster toys or glow in the dark posters as prizes. Come to think about it there were allot of monster themed cereals too. 

Allot of it started in the mid 60's and carried over into the Seventies. Most parents didn't mind that their kids were all about monsters because either they still loved them too or the monsters we enjoyed were just pretend. And they were just creepy and scary, we didn't have Slashers or nudity so our parents didn't have to worry about us watching these on Television for hours at a time. Just us staying awake most of the night to make sure those same monsters on out TV screen weren't looking for us later.  

And speaking of monsters on TV, Sherwood Schwartz wrote some kind of monster theme into allot of the shows he developed. Then there was monster movies every Saturday afternoon (Usually a Godzilla Movie) on Channel 11 (WPIX) then "Chiller Theater" that night. 

Then there was "The 4:30 Movie" on Channel 7 (WABC). It would feature all kinds of themes like "Monster Week", "Planet of The Apes Week" and "Vincent Price Week". 

And if that weren't enough there were a ton of made for TV horrors every Friday night on that same channel. I looked allot of them up and there are so many that it will be an article on it's own.

Just about everyplace in the house became some kind of monster movie back lot. The back yard was everything from a graveyard to a battlefield where Green Army Men held their own against invading monsters and blood thirsty dinosaurs. The Bathtub was any ocean or lagoon and home to all kinds of sea creatures. Your bed served as a home to unknown creatures underneath that would tear you to shreds, but for some reason your blanket made you untouchable as long as you stayed top side. And the living room was a place where the floor would turn to molten lava or another ocean filled with sharks where you had to travel on the furniture only or face certain doom.
And who can forget the monster filled dark corners of cellars, attics and some garages?

Good Times...