Monday, February 22, 2021

The HELL HOUSE LLC. Trilogy - The Abaddon Hotel will leave the light on for you.

WARNING: The Following contains a lot of spoilers from Stephen Cognetti's HELL HOUSE LLC. trilogy. 

If you haven't seen them yet - stop reading now and go watch them. And I highly recommend The HELL HOUSE LLC "Special Edition Director's Cut". I started with the original version that I love but the director's cut has so much more to love in it.

But if you have watched all three and are as excited as I am about The Abaddon Tapes series come in the side door, head on through the kitchen and pull up a chair in the dining room. 

I think the main thing that I absolutely love about the HELL HOUSE LLC. series is Stephen Cognetti gave all of us another Universe/Reality to escape too and visit much like Kevin Smith did with the Askewniverse.

But Stephen's is scary... In a good way of course.

It's a reality that's based in our own current one, but outside of other differences and events the people are the same.

Like when people ask "Why do people go there?" And the frightening answer is they want the bragging rights and the fifteen minutes that come with it.

Look at that those underwater shafts like "Jacob's Well" in Texas and the "Eagles Nest Sinkhole" in Florida where there's warning signs everywhere but people still scuba dive in those caves and some don't come back up every year. There's even a video from a diver's GoPro on YouTube that was his last because his air supply ran out. And people still have to scuba dive in the same spot. And there's a mostly vertical cave shaft called "The Hell Hole" in Santa Cruz, California. Where there's a frame built at the entrance that I couldn't fit my thigh in on a money bet. Which is why it's there, because if you can't squeeze into that frame you're definitely not getting in or out of that cave. 

And if you get seriously injured or trapped you have a high chance of dying in there because only one person at a time can fit in most areas by crawling on your stomach. But there are still plenty of videos of teenagers braving it.

Then there's the YouTube and Tic-Toc challenges that have injured and in some cases killed teenagers and adults. Yet people continued to do them. 

Which brings us to the people that went to The Abaddon Hotel. And answers the question of "Why did they sneaking in there after watching what happened to others that were Webcasting before them?"

And this is a huge reason why Andrew Tully makes the video recordings readily available. Because he knows it's going to peak someone's interest that needs to be the one that shows what's going on. And with him having the power to use "EVP" along with the knowledge he gains from each equipment professional that becomes part of the hotel and or Lake of Fire he wasn't running out of human information filled hard drives any time soon. The others that escape and survive or given haunt abilities are pretty much bait to attract more of the souls he needs to keep the portal to HELL he created open. 

And people are so jaded and desensitized to a lot of dangers that it wouldn't become a big deal to them. And would probably start creating memes like this. Making fun of any Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Expert that came to a bad end and wound up coming to a bad end on YouTube or any other video site. 

And there's an endless supply of cynics as well that just wouldn't believe it. Even with Andrew Tully and his powers being very real and documented in that universe they still wouldn't believe it. And would simply tell their kids to just stay out of that rundown hotel. 

Then I'm sure discovered Alex's financial predicament with EVP from cell phone calls, text or emails in the area to and from creditors. And simply sent Alex a message with that power to get the Abaddon back in use without having to convince someone to reopen it as an actual hotel. Because it would have needed to be majorly renovated to be a functioning hotel instead of a seasonal haunt spot. 

And the local police might not be necessarily covering anything up after reports of people going missing. A lot of them could just believe that someone or a group is sneaking in and murdering anyone that gets too curious. And use the Andrew Tully legend to hide behind if caught on tape. Or randomly calling and texting loved ones to taunt the families to get more victims. Or the "missing peole" are running a complex hoax for financial gain. Then again they do know it's terrifyingly real along with the town officials and they can't be at the hotel twenty four - seven. So those that chanced it brought it upon themselves. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

The time we had together was the time of our lives.

I understand how it throws people how I am with my mother's passing and I really don't expect people to get it. 

But the reason I'm so accepting and at peace with it is neither one of us should have even been here in the first place. 

Back when my mom was three years old she was walking along with her doll and baby carriage towards some friends on the sidewalk. (That's her in the newspaper clipping below). But her neighbor Mrs. Poduska didn't see any of them as she was backing out of her driveway. And accidentally backed over my mother and crushed the right side of her skull and pelvis.

My mom's aunt Janet had told me that poor Mrs. Poduska was devastated back then. But nobody blamed or had anger towards her because the backs of those cars were gigantic and there was no way she could have seen my mom. 

Now the doctors weren't remotely even expecting her to survive at all, but we have that healing factor and she pulled through even with 1940's medical technology. And she really freaked them out by healing to the point of only loosing her sense of smell permanently, a narrow left ear canal and having some slight facial paralysis on the left side of her face. Even doctors that she had seen nowadays were freaked out after she would explain her condition during visits. 

Then when I made my debut my lungs straight up refused to work and doctors gave my parents the "We did everything we could" start off but were told that I decided to stick around after all but had to spend two weeks in an incubater hooked up to oxygen. Then they told my mom that would grow up to be (what they called sickly) and underweight all my life, but I guess I showed them huh?

Then she survived three more times where a doctor told me each time they were doing or did everything they could. Just to have her happily watching The Price is Right The Following morning. 

And I had my own short visit to the other side when Sepsis was racing through me. Just to have me telling my nurse how awesome the hamburger was that I was eating for lunch the next day. 

So when my mom was able to have her final curtain call as close as to what she would have wanted, I was happy and relieved that I was able to help her as much as  I was able too. And for all of the time we had together. 

When I was taking care of my mom's belongings I found the clippibg in the pages of an old book and learned that her Aunt Janet had saved the article for her because her mom (my grandmother) didn't want to be reminded of it.

But now I have it to be reminded to be thankful that the both of us were here and for the time we had together as mother and son.

And a huge thank you goes out to the person that uploaded the scanned page from Long Branch, New Jersey's "Daily Record" newspaper.