Sunday, June 28, 2020

In loving memory of Warren F Disbrow Sr

By: Steve Mezo

Warren F. Disbrow Sr, 98, of Neptune NJ, passed June 10,
at his home with his caregivers, son, Warren Jr, and
Deborah Taylor by his side.

Active in politics, and the Arts, he became a newspaper
photographer, a manager for Acme Markets, a prolific editorial writer,
ran for State Assembly in 1971, was a member of the National Historical
Society, Toastmasters, an expert marksman and past member of the Eagle, Rifle and
Pistol Club, winning many trophies. In later years he became an actor
with lead parts in genre movies including INVASION FOR FLESH AND BLOOD,

Warren F Disbrow Sr has to be one of the kindest people I have ever had the honor of knowing and was the main person that made it possible for me to have an adventure in Indie Horror Movie making. And for that I am forever grateful.

While he was a manager at ACME Market he had known my Uncle Bob "Big Bob" who was district manager of the meat cutting department. Uncle Bob is close to seven feet tall and Warren Sr. had asked him if he would be interested in being in a movie that his son Warren was hired to film scenes for called The Bloody Dead. And Uncle Bob said yes.
Uncle Bob had fun playing a psychiatric inmate with F/X artist Ed French in the scenes and he had spoken to Warren's son about his nephew that was a F/X artist at a costume shop that was looking to get into horror movies. And a meeting was soon arranged after.

(Little side note) Younger Warren was hired by Sam Sherman to film cut in scenes for a 1967 Klaus Kinski movie called Creature With The Blue Hand. Now when I say cut in scenes I mean Samuel M. Sherman would buy older foreign horror movies then dub the dialogue and add in new scenes for audiences in the US. And for "Creature With The Blue Hand" to become "The Bloody Dead" Warren had to match sets and props from a movie that was literally filmed twenty years before. And he did it flawlessly and Warren Sr. who was an engineer was able to match the medieval clawed gauntlet spot on. And Ed French was able to have Warren Sr. be a stand in for an F/X shot of the the demise of a nightwatchmen in Creature With The Blue Hand.

Okay, so I meet up with both Warren's and younger Warren decides to give me a break and tells me that if I want to work on the movie it has to be a full on commitment. And when Warren Sr. gave me a smile and a nod I was definitely in. 

There was so much that I had learned from both Warren's because they had so much knowledge to share and a talent to do just about anything that other crews would have said couldn't be done. And both were always great to be around.

Warren Sr. loved his role as Professor Hertz and became a kind of Kolchak by doing battle with everything from Alien Sea Monsters to Vampires and Psychotic Killers.

Professor Hertz at the beginning of his monster battling career in Flesh Eaters From Outer Space

Me and my close friend Artist/Actor Rob X. Roman as Commandos hired by Professor Hertz (Warren F. Disbrow Sr.) to hunt down the last of the Alien Sea Monsnters S.I.D.S. in Flesh Eaters From Outer Space and Invasion For Flesh And Blood

A battle hardened Professor Hertz is ready to face Vampires, Dinosaurs
and a Psychotic Killer by the name of HATE head on

Warren F Disbrow Sr. really did enjoy being a recurring character and all of us that had the honor of knowing and working him truly loved him. And fans of Writer/Director Warren F Disbrow's movies loved seeing Warren Sr. as Professor Hertz arriving to take on the forces of evil every time.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Aurora Classics For Geriatrics Part 6

By: Stephen Mezo

From 1973 to 1978 The Six Million Dollar Man made every kid everywhere want to have Bionics in the worst way. There were all kinds of toys made from the TV show but when I was five years old the Fundimensions company had made snap together model kits.

My mom had bought Fight For Survival and Evil Rider. I had assembled them with no problem but my mom didn't think that I was ready to handle enamel paints so I just played with them as figures. The only problem was styrene plastic doesn't hold up well in imagination land.

But with the help of Ebay I was able to buy all four kits and paint them this time round. The best part of these kits were the comic strips on the side of the box explaining the action pose of each kit and they have to be seen to be really enjoyed. I'll let you have the fun of finding them on the web and getting a good laugh.

Evil Rider

Fight For Survival

Bionic Escape

Jaws of Doom

Friday, June 26, 2020

Auoroa Classics For Geriatrics Part Five

By: Steve Mezo

MPC was able to get some licensing from Disney and made some really cool model kits based on The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of The Caribbean that featured movements called ZAP ACTION caused by rubber bands. Only problem is once the band gives out you can't replace it because you build it into the kit. Years later the Lindberg Model company was able to re re release the Pirates kits under new names and has been able to get one of the Mansion kits out renamed as well,

But before that I was only able to afford one of my favorite original MPC Mansion kits that needed some parts but I only wanted to display "Grave Robbers Reward" as a static kit anyway. And thanks to a fellow builder and a trip to the Craft store I was able to complete it.

Grave Robbers Reward

And these are my favorite Lindberg re release Pirate kits. They've released a coupe more and when I get them I'll update the photos here.

Dismay Be The End

In The Pinch of Peril

Hex Marks The Spot

Aurora Classics For Geriatrics Part Four

By: Stephen Mezo

Aurora had changed over the size of the monsters in the kits to add more to the bases of them. And this resizing gave them a way to add some more to the kits while using the same amount of styrene plastic.

The witch was one of those kits that I had posted in part two of this series and The Munsters Living Room is another of those resized kits. But I was lucky that the Polar Lights model company had released it so I was able to build and paint it. The only thing is the detail if the Munsters faces were so slight I really had to take my time painting them. And I re positioned Grandpa to face forward instead of having his back to Lilly.

I'm really thankful that there's a for a color photo to use as a reference

I was able to use a Space dragon from a damaged Superboy kit to make Spot and he can be placed anywhere on the kit's base

Moebius had started making smaller kits too with their 1/12 scale MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES line and had made The Mighty Kogar with Bob Burns head or you could make it Tracy The Gorilla from The Ghostbusters live action Television show. And there were other  monster kits in the series as well.

Aurora Classics For Geriatriatrics Part Three

By: Stephen Mezo

Continuing on with the tour of my Monster model building.

The Invisible Man by Moebius is one of my favorite builds because of the freedom you have with the layout on the base. You can literally place the extras everywhere and not have it wrong.

Then there is the infamous Forgotten Prisoner of Castle Mare by Aurora in association with Famous Monsters Magazine. Which was re released by Moebius along with a all glow version. Of course I had to buy and build both.

It glows so bright you'd think it runs on batteries

And then Moebius came out with The Ghost of Caste Mare as a tie in to The Forgotten Prisoner. Thunderboy had even made a awesome resin connecting kit that was a stone archway and dungeon
door, but the differing heights of the Prisoner and Ghost kept me from buying it.

Another favorite is Godzilla by Aurora, but the only thing that made me crazy was the scale of the buildings on his base. The same thing drove me up a wall with the jungle trees being the same height as Fay with the King Kong kit. I understand that it was supposed to give them a larger scale and the sculpt setups weren't meant to be exact representations. But it annoyed me anyway...

And I was lucky enough to have fate smile on me and let me get a Godzilla for sale without his base and able to find two damaged effect N scale buildings to display him with.

Then the Monarch model company had made a Gorgo kit. And there buildings on the base were a little more in scale, but to me N scale would have been a better addition. 

MPC had originally made the Strange Change kits and this was actually the first Monster model kit that got me started on making the others. This one is from Round 2 LLC.
It was a fun build to get back into the hobby with but the Change mechanism is a pain to redo.