Friday, January 12, 2018

Vistiting GHOST HOUSE 2007

By - Stephen Mezo

I was making my way through the virtual video store Horror section and GHOST HOUSE (2017) seemed like a good choice.
And I'm glad that I was right.

Set in Thailand a young couple Jim and Julie from America take a trip there to see the sights and beauty of the country.
But it doesn't take long for them to discover some of the local lore and wind up on a tour that wasn't on the travel site.

I really liked the pacing of the movie and I am all about Japanese Vengeance Ghost (yes I know I said it takes place in Thailand but she is a Japanese Vengeance Ghost) you'll see when you watch it. 
It also has an awesome creep factor and plenty of awesome jump scares too. And for all of you S.O.A. fans you'll get to see a familiar face. 

After watching the movie I decided to look up Ghost Houses also known as Spirit Houses and the movie does keep close to the folklore and beliefs involved with them. 
The small houses are set out as offerings for ghost to stay in and various offerings like food are usually left outside of the houses to appease the spirits and keep them happy in their homes. But if anyone disturbs these houses or the offerings made they bring the wrath of that spirit onto themselves or their own home. 

I don't want to type too much and cause spoilers but I will say that if you've enjoyed Asian ghost movies and/or their American versions I think you'll really like this one too.