Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Talking about the Dark Realm of Ron Fitzgerald

By - Stephen Mezo

Tonight we are going to visit the 
Dark Realm of Master Illusionist Ron Fitzgerald!
Photo by "Jim Sorfleet" SNS-Photo

And we're going to do it with the help of Ron's movie
DARK REALM!!! (2013)

Let me start by saying this movie was a great visit back to my glory full time days of The Costume Shop, Indie Horror Movies, The Haunted Attraction and The Sideshow. And it's what I like to call GRINDHOUSE 2000.

And let me get the movie nerd part out of the way with saying the only complaint I have is I wish they had used better audio and a steady cam or at least a tripod on some shaky shots...

Now lets get to the fun stuff, and I have to say that the movie is a cool showcase of Ron Fitzgerald's stage show and his stage presence. And Ron even impressed me with his presentation of quite a few standards that were turned up to eleven with his twist on them.
On top of that the flow of the movie's story line made the hour and twenty two minute run time fly by and the performance by Vincent Bilancio as "Price" the manager was awesome! As well as performances by Lady India, Red Rum and Ron Fitzgerald's lovely assistants.

DARK REALM is streaming on Amazon and Ron Fitzgerald is on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out and tell him that The Storage Unit of Terror sent you!