Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The creative crocheting team of Jerry and Tracy Blakey

By - Steve Mezo

I'm not a romantic but I really do love when creative people get married because they really get each other.

And one of those couples is Jerry and Tracy Blakey.

Jerry is a old school gear head and builder.

He's a member of the United Sidecar Association.

He made a Werewolf Mechanic for his Sidecar for a local
Trunk or Treat event.

And competes in Demolition Derbies 
This car was sponsored by Warren F. Disbrow's Horror Movie 
"Hate's Haunted Hayride"
that Jerry was in.

And Tracy is a crochet artist that creates her magic with the assistance of Jerry as a fellow designer and producer.
Tracy Blakey with her creation Hughie the Christmas Octopus.

Tracy was taught to crochet by her grandmother and she can make her creations in a short amount of time.
And the wildest part is she makes them strictly for the love of it as gifts for friends that she knows will love her creations as much as she does. And here are a few of my favorites that my wife and I have as well as our moms. 

Jerry with his Oogie Boogie hat.


Jerry and The Land Shark!

 Tracy and one of her Octopi

And my wife as it's new adopted mom.

 Our Jack Skellington hats.

Our Plastic Bag Monster 

 My wife's Hat and Shoulder Bag Monster

with matching wallet

My mom's Plastic Bag Monster 

And my mother in law with her Monster Shoulder Bag.
She really loves it, but my wife woke her up from a nap to get the picture. 

Thank you for everything Jerry and Tracy!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Knight Storm Photography Witching Hour!

By - Stephen Mezo

Professional Photographer Johnathan Laslo stopped by the 
1 Horror Photo booth today!

And let me get some new prints today from

And this time Model Cassie L. Ravenwood is doing something during The Witching Hour!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween Doc Terror!

Doc Terror Jack-O-Lantern by the insanely talented Ian Futterman

By - Stephen Mezo

Well it's our first Halloween without our much loved friend
James Harris known to the world as "Doc Terror".


 But in the words of David S. Pumpkins
"There's no crying on Halloween!!!" 

So I'm getting out the Magic 8 Ball because it has way more power than any old OUIJA BOARD and asking him if That Great Monster Convention in The Sky is as awesome as I think it is.

And he said...

Now if you'll excuse me I have some Trick or Treating to do
and yes I'm sticking to my diet.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Put a bat on it...

By - Stephen Mezo

Since it's October I have to share my love for the goth couple
 known as "The Weirdos" on the show PORTLANDIA.

Carrie Brownstein as "Jacqueline" and Fred Armisen as "Vincent"

Now before anyone gets angry I don't have any preconceived notion about Portland Oregon because of the show. And I know how that feels because of a s**t show by the name of "The Jersey Shore". And my wife and I are only a few black clothing items away from being those two. 

The only thing I wonder is did their inspiration for The Weirdos come from their years in being in bands and the club scenes or "Goth Talk" that was another huge favorite of mine on SNL?

Chris Kattan as "Azrael Abyss" and Molly Shannon as "Circe Nightshade" 

I'm leaning towards the first because to me Goth Talk was a little more biting (no pun intended) when portraying high school age goths while The Weirdos are seen as every day people that make the world fit into their passion for all things goth. 

And I love when they add the sound effects to their "Most Goth" reactions.

My wife and I love all of the cool kitchen aids and "As Seen on TV" inventions at Bed Bath And Beyond so I'm using stills from our favorite Weirdo episode that takes place there because we act pretty much the same way.  

And like I was saying before I really love how Carrie and Fred portray The Weirdos just like all of their other characters. They just exaggerate the traits of everyone they play and it keeps them beyond relatable to close friends of the viewers without right out making fun of them. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I know it's only Halloween but I like it!

By -Steve Mezo

Recently I had seen a post on Facebook on about a "Staff Writer" of The New York Post sharing their thoughts on how adults should stop dressing up for Halloween and leaving it for the kids...
Well if this Staff Writer actually supported their opinion He/She (My money is on she) should have said who they were, but that person kept their anonymity so they wouldn't have to deal with a backlash of Emails or lots of Social Media post telling that person can stick a candle (And it wouldn't be in their Jack-O-Lantern) since this person said you should do like Good Housekeeping says and paint pumpkins instead of carving them.

And just to avoid that argument: There are times where painting a pumpkin is preferred to carving one but there are also times where a insanely intricate carving is appreciated when displayed.

(Carving by Ian Fetterman)
Now getting back to the article typed by the "Grow up and become a Repressed Fuddy Duddy" I'm typing a response where I am encouraging adults to keep on keeping on with wearing costumes and enjoying Halloween with everyone else.
I have loved Halloween ever since I was old enough to find out what it was and completely encouraged by my mom and my Aunt Vera (She's the one in the witch's costume). 

 (Color balance by Robert Miller)
And I still have my "Sounds to Make You Shiver!" record that l had to have along with that years Ben Cooper or Collegeville costume that I had seen on the Woolworths commercial. 

And it strikes me funny when I think about everyone saying "Don't be in such a rush to grow up!" when I was a kid and then after reading that wet blanket's article. You know what everyone was right.

There is a huge difference between being a responsible adult or as Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club said "Letting your heart die..." You shouldn't have to give up enjoyments just because you hit higher double digits. I mean yeah there are things you naturally grow out of but there are even more that you can keep with you till The Grim Reaper says "Times up..."

So you keep on Rocking Halloween as hard as you can! Decorate your yard, and really decorate your car for the local Trunk or Treat and wear a costume and show the kids how Halloweens done, wear a costume to adult Halloween parties and play to win at your local venues costume contest. And if that anonymous stone faced Halloween wet blanket from the New York Post complains look em' right in the eye and sing "I know it's only Halloween, but I like it!!!"