Saturday, October 14, 2017

I know it's only Halloween but I like it!

By -Steve Mezo

Recently I had seen a post on Facebook on about a "Staff Writer" of The New York Post sharing their thoughts on how adults should stop dressing up for Halloween and leaving it for the kids...
Well if this Staff Writer actually supported their opinion He/She (My money is on she) should have said who they were, but that person kept their anonymity so they wouldn't have to deal with a backlash of Emails or lots of Social Media post telling that person can stick a candle (And it wouldn't be in their Jack-O-Lantern) since this person said you should do like Good Housekeeping says and paint pumpkins instead of carving them.

And just to avoid that argument: There are times where painting a pumpkin is preferred to carving one but there are also times where a insanely intricate carving is appreciated when displayed.

(Carving by Ian Fetterman)
Now getting back to the article typed by the "Grow up and become a Repressed Fuddy Duddy" I'm typing a response where I am encouraging adults to keep on keeping on with wearing costumes and enjoying Halloween with everyone else.
I have loved Halloween ever since I was old enough to find out what it was and completely encouraged by my mom and my Aunt Vera (She's the one in the witch's costume). 

 (Color balance by Robert Miller)
And I still have my "Sounds to Make You Shiver!" record that l had to have along with that years Ben Cooper or Collegeville costume that I had seen on the Woolworths commercial. 

And it strikes me funny when I think about everyone saying "Don't be in such a rush to grow up!" when I was a kid and then after reading that wet blanket's article. You know what everyone was right.

There is a huge difference between being a responsible adult or as Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club said "Letting your heart die..." You shouldn't have to give up enjoyments just because you hit higher double digits. I mean yeah there are things you naturally grow out of but there are even more that you can keep with you till The Grim Reaper says "Times up..."

So you keep on Rocking Halloween as hard as you can! Decorate your yard, and really decorate your car for the local Trunk or Treat and wear a costume and show the kids how Halloweens done, wear a costume to adult Halloween parties and play to win at your local venues costume contest. And if that anonymous stone faced Halloween wet blanket from the New York Post complains look em' right in the eye and sing "I know it's only Halloween, but I like it!!!"

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Mad Mad World of Dave Dave!!!

By - Stephen Mezo

Dave Dave is an up and coming multi talented entertainer, musician and comedian.

 And the universe better ready itself for his rise to the top! 

Dave has the stones to hold up a fun house mirror to Social Media Outrage and creates no holds barred comedic rants on his YouTube channel "Dragonstrike Thunderforce".

Now him doing these scathing in character rants about the weekly outrages is like juggling flaming chainsaws with an audience being able to throw golf balls at him while it happens. But like all of the greats before him like Lenny Bruce, The Smothers Brothers and George Carlin he mocks it like he sees it from both sides.
And if you've been around as long as I have you've seen history constantly repeat itself and the outrages along with biting satire and threats of censorship have all been done before.

A great example of this is the documentary "Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of National Lampoon" where if you simply changed the dates and names of a lot of the things they bitingly made fun of from both sides, you would swear almost every issue from number seven up were written and illustrated today. 

The only reason I'm typing this intro is to let everyone that I'm not picking sides, but just pointing out that this has all been done before. And this current climate of censorship from everyone is frighting. It's okay to be offended or even outraged, but people have to learn to fight back with their own words and believe it or not comedy is a powerful tool because it gets more attention for a cause than anger. And if you feel silencing the other side is the answer it can backfire hard because they can censor and control your opinions and speech as well.

And that's my thoughts on that...

If you've read this far I'm getting back to my original subject of this article which is the comedy of Dave Dave. 

Dave Dave is a big fan of writer/director Warren F. Disbrow's features "Flesh Eaters From Outer Space" and "Invasion For Flesh And Blood" both available on a double DVD distributed by TROMA. 

Dave had contacted one of the actors about the movies and was pretty much blown off by that person, but he had seen my name mentioned almost as much as Warren's with it and took a chance at contacting me through Facebook. And I was glad he did because some of the best years of my life were spent with Warren and working on quite a few of his productions . So I was more than happy to type to him about of a lot of fun behind the scenes adventures connected with those productions. And how Warren had given me a once in a lifetime chance to be a F/X Artist and Movie Monster along with a lot of other production responsibilities. 

And you can find out more about
 writer/director Warren F. Disbrow at his site
along with my own involvement with his productions.

And Dave Dave made a great tongue in cheek - in character video review of Flesh Eaters From Outer Space 
on his YouTube channel Dragonstrike Thunderforce.

Just have to warn you about some language ahead of time before you go to the video with this link.

I couldn't stop laughing while watching the review and Dave really does love "Flesh Eaters From Outer Space" and it's sequel "Invasion For Flesh And Blood" which he's working on a review video for. And the whole Hot Tub Time Machine experience of how much Dave Dave and his friend looks like me and my friends back then was hysterical.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Return of Johnathan Laslo's Knight Storm Photography!

By - Stephen Mezo

I am beyond honored when Artist and Entertainers take time to share their works and or do an interview. But to have a guest return with their newest creations is beyond awesome!!!
And one of my returning guest is photographer Jonathan Laslo of Knight Storm Photography. 


Back in June of 2015 Johnathan was kind enough to allow me to showcase his session with our mutual friend Janet Jay of "The Mummy and The Monkey Show". And I absolutely loved the haunting settings that Johnathan had made Janet a part of. 

Now Cassie L. Ravenwood is the subject in Johnathan Laslo's
journey to a land of nightmares through the lens. 








And with that I would like to thank Jonathan Laslo for being a great returning guest and for sharing his eerie photo adventure starring the lovely Cassie L. Ravenwood.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Talking about the Dark Realm of Ron Fitzgerald

By - Stephen Mezo

Tonight we are going to visit the 
Dark Realm of Master Illusionist Ron Fitzgerald!
Photo by "Jim Sorfleet" SNS-Photo

And we're going to do it with the help of Ron's movie
DARK REALM!!! (2013)

Let me start by saying this movie was a great visit back to my glory full time days of The Costume Shop, Indie Horror Movies, The Haunted Attraction and The Sideshow. And it's what I like to call GRINDHOUSE 2000.

And let me get the movie nerd part out of the way with saying the only complaint I have is I wish they had used better audio and a steady cam or at least a tripod on some shaky shots...

Now lets get to the fun stuff, and I have to say that the movie is a cool showcase of Ron Fitzgerald's stage show and his stage presence. And Ron even impressed me with his presentation of quite a few standards that were turned up to eleven with his twist on them.
On top of that the flow of the movie's story line made the hour and twenty two minute run time fly by and the performance by Vincent Bilancio as "Price" the manager was awesome! As well as performances by Lady India, Red Rum and Ron Fitzgerald's lovely assistants.

DARK REALM is streaming on Amazon and Ron Fitzgerald is on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out and tell him that The Storage Unit of Terror sent you!  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Talking about "Don't Go In The House".

By Stephen Mezo

It's really cool that I got to the age where my Mom is able to be a lot more like my best friend because she is great to hang out with.

Seriously, she is the one responsible for my love of monsters and horror movies and I never went a day without a new issue of Famous Monsters or a monster comic book. She loves going to see new horror movies with me and even enjoys road trips out to different filming locations of our favorite horror movies or places that they were based on. 

One of those places that we recently went to was the house in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey that was kind of one of the stars in "Don't Go In The House".



The house itself has a lot of history and has been made a landmark and is featured on the Blu-Ray version with Greg Caggiano who is part of the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society giving a tour of the Strauss Mansion/Museum behind me. It's funny because another site states that the mansion is in upstate New York, but I am clearly standing in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. And a lot of the filming was done at locations on 1st Ave in Atlantic Highlands in February of 1979. The only parts that were filmed in New York were the Disco and the clothing store where Donny bought his Disco outfit in New Rochelle. And Donny's work place was in Jersey City.

Even funnier is I know a lot of it was done in the week of the 10th to the 16th because I tracked down the TV Guide that was for sale in the market store right next to the movie theater that Donny was following one of his victims in.

"TV Guide?" you ask. Yup, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it thanks to HGTV and was able to buy a copy of that issue off of eBay that you'll see later on in the tour. 

Here is the flower shop that Donny
 had taken his first victim from.  

 This is the interior view when Donny was talking to the shop worker in the movie. And I'll be adding more location pictures to this article later.

"So why all the love for this movie?" is probably your next question. And I'll answer with It's a favorite because I really love the Indie feel to it even though others complain about the acting, yeah it was Psycho knock off but you really did feel sorry for Donny and it was kind of heart breaking when help was given a lot too late, it was a local horror production and it's part of my own history.  

You're going to love this... 

My cousin Colin MacInnes was "Young Donny" in the flashback scene, his then grade school teacher Ruth Dardick was an actor that played Donny's mother in the movie and Colin's best friend back then Chris Isidori was the kid "Michael" that gets the crap smacked out of him by his mother and starts hearing the spirits at the end of the movie.

My cousin Colin MacInnes as "Young Donny"

 Ruth Dardick (Colin's grade school teacher) as "Donny's Mother"

Chris Isidori (Colin's then best friend) as "Michael"

When Ruth was cast the director had asked if she had known any kids that would want to be in the movie. And with her being a school teacher she must have told him to see if any of the kids in her class would want to be chosen. Waaaay different times back then huh? LOL

So he picked Colin and Chris and then got in touch with their parents to get permission. And I found out about this because my mom had seen it in the local news paper complete with a photo of Colin, Chris and Ruth on the outside stairs of the house. Then they interviewed him about the stove fire scene and he told them he was a little nervous about doing it until he found out what zel gel was. 

And I lost it... I was so green with jealousy that they couldn't even make paint that color! There I was the full on monster kid at nine years old that would have done the scene without zel gel just to be the one in a horror movie reading about my cousin that really wasn't into monsters or horror movies!!! Yeah, it was pretty bad and I stopped talking to him, but his family moved out of state not too long after anyway. HA HA HA

But unlike him I actually got to see the movie two years later after it came out on VHS when I was twelve. And it made me so happy seeing so many familiar locations in it. Even the sports store where my dad took me a million times to get ammo or arrows for hunting when he went. And it was the same store where Donny bought his fire suit.

Donny buying his fire suit back in 1975 at "RJ's"
and where my dad bought his hunting equipment. 

And how it looks now in 2017

This is the case where Donny's Fire Suit and Flame thrower were.

Now it's the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council which is extremely cool and provides a showcase for local artist.

 And I'll wrap up my virtual tour with the Mini Mart where Donny got his last victim.

 This is what it looked like back in February of 1979

And now in July of 2017

This was the interior back in 1979

And this is the kicker!

This is the same interior wall of the Mini Mart that was behind the counter that's been halved in 2017

The man behind the store's new counter that now faces the other way (pronounced) Din-Hee was amazingly cool in letting me get this photo. He was really blown away that I was able to get a copy of this issue and couldn't get over the ads and TV listings from 1979. It was so long ago that Columbia House was still sending out 8 Tracks for their Music Club! HA HA HA
When I had shown him what I had so far on my site from my phone he was all about me getting this picture. 
 Thanks for visiting and taking the virtual tour.