Tuesday, October 25, 2016

He's David S. Pumpkins! Any questions?

By-Stephen Mezo

I'm David Pumpkins!!! Any questions!?

It's been a real long time since a SNL skit made me laugh really hard, but a simple skit with Tom Hanks and an elevator with a hundred floors of horror with "David S. Pumpkins" did just that.

The big question that everyone has (including the theme park guest in the Hellevator) "Who is David S. Pumpkins?"
And what makes it even funnier is even Tom Hanks himself has no idea who the character is or why he was at this fictional haunt.

My wife and I were sitting there laughing and we wound up making our own backstory for David Pumpkins. Our theories ranged from if it were an independent haunt he might have been an entertainer with a lot of money that wants to be part of a haunt in the worst way. And he made an agreement with the haunt where he would cover insurance, the space rental, props and costumes - but he would be able to perform as his character David Pumpkins with his Beat Boy Skeleton Dancers. And since he fronted so much of the cost he would be allowed to appear on seventy three floors of the haunts one hundred.

But when we heard that it was a theme park in the skit it became even funnier because then we had to change his backstory. This time the park only had so much money to pay for licensed characters and needed a filler, was afraid of offending visitors and wanted to keep the it the monsters and gore to a minimum and once again needed filler.