Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Monster Kid Dream Room of Daniel White!


By - Stephen Mezo 

Part Three of "Where did he get all of those wonderful toys?"
They always say "Leave The Best For Last" and the wrap up for the Monster Kid History of our friend Daniel White is the top floor of his home and collection.


 I had seen Daniel's top floor collection room for the first time on The Vintage Monster Group on Facebook and was completely blown away!
I couldn't get over seeing how many collectibles that I had myself, how many I had passed over buying myself (when I should have bought them) and how many more that I had absolutely no idea even existed. 

   The first photo I had seen from Daniel that invited me into his world
and then led me to become his friend.

The walls and ceiling are adorned with posters of all of our favorites and countless issues by our Uncle Forry, And the shelves are lined with models, toys, Super 8 Movies and action figures that we all found comfort in and loved. 

And this leads us back out.

One of the coolest things about Daniel is even though he has all of this incredible stuff he doesn't have the attitude of someone that normally would. And I've never once seen him lecture anyone about their own collectibles, how complete their collection is or knowing more about an item than others. He just enjoys everyone sharing the love of what ties us together as fans and collectors. 

And all I can say is the world needs a lot more people like him.

Thank you once again Daniel for sharing your life story and letting all of us see so much of your amazing collection.