Saturday, August 8, 2015

Talking about Dave and Al Get Coffee (2015)

By - Steve Mezo

Someone once told me that you need to work outside of your comfort zone to advance as an artist and entertainer. It may not seem like your best work striking out, but it will force you to focus your talents and the next project will be your new best. 

And that brings me to the comedy short "Dave and Al Get Coffee".
Blake Suarez as Dave and Derek Huey as Al

Dave and Al Get Coffee is a new comedy short by Rakesh Jacob, Derek Huey and John Dalbosco. With the screenplay and directing by Rakesh Jacob and Derek Huey.

I know, I know if you've been following this site you know that I am a huge fan of Derek's work, but when I was sent the screener he made me promise to keep it real. 

I'll start off by saying I really enjoyed it but it did seem to sputter in some spots. It wasn't because of anyone's performance (everyone owned their roles) or the writing (which had a lot of great bits). it was just Rakesh and Derek changing gears with a new style.
Don't read this as a bad thing because if you had watched it without seeing their prior works you wouldn't pick up on it and just enjoy it as it is. 

I had to watch it a second time to just see it as it was and it was even funnier the second time around when I caught a lot of the bits I missed the first time watching it as a reviewer. And after this I'm sure that Rakesh and Derek are going to make the second installment go to eleven. 

The Short revolves around two friends Dave and Al and two policemen Officer Ginger and Officer Rogers (I'll give you a second for that one) and how their day intersects twice while Dave and Officer Rogers deal with trouble their in with their wives.
And there is a scene between Eddie B, Derek and Blake that had me laughing till it hurt. 

  Eddie B is awesome in this scene!!!

As far as the sputters I was talking about, it was times where I knew Rakesh and Derek would have written in some kind of blood gag or a body part being severd. But with that being something that wasn't to be used from their box of tricks it was funny seeing those pauses before another gag was used. But like I said before if you haven't seen their earlier work you wouldn't even notice anything but the fun.