Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Talking about Rabbit Hole!


By - Steve Mezo

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Rob Dimension's work and have really come to look at him with mad respect. He does what he loves and works to keep whichever arena he's working in positive (which is sadly a rarity these days with a lot of others). 

And he's yet another person that I've had the pleasure of meeting that's traveled some very familiar territory. We've all taken different paths, but have gone through the same terrain and have strong women with us that pick us up and dust us off after each Willie E. Coyote moment with our entertainment pursuits. 

Now let me tell you about Rob Dimension's latest release

Rabbit Hole is the title of the first short that we are introduced to as well as the collection of all four shorts within. I am all about anthologies and consider this DVD one. There aren't any tie  segments or a wrap around story line. But the shorts fit together so well that it really doesn't need it. 

"Rabbit Hole" (Written/Directed by Rob Dimension and Co-Directed by Mike O' Mahony) has a young mother searching for her missing daughter, are a creepy minister and a not so friendly rabbit to blame?

"Boob Tube" (Written by Rob Dimension) takes voyeuristic view into the day in the life of a man with some serious relationship issues.

"M is for Memoirs" (Written/Directed by Adam Ahibrandt and Starring Rob Dimension and Kim Dimension as an entry to "The ABC's of Death") is the darkest of the stories and has you yelling "M should be for MORE BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME!!!"

And the fourth short "Don't Try This at Home!" (Witten/Directed by Mike O' Mahony) Actually had me squirming a little.  

And There's a second DVD included from

See Rob Dimension Jr. work to become
 wrestling talent Curt Robinson in
The DVD (Directed by Rob Dimension and Matt Barnes) is a second disk presented with Rabbit Hole where Rob Dimenson is documenting the work that his son is putting into becoming a professional wrestler. Nothing is handed to his son who is wrestling as Curt Robinson. And he is juggling Professional Training, traveling, Wrestling in Pro Matches and still wresting on his High School team as well as keeping his grade average up. 

And it's beyond cool to see how much love and support he gets from his father and mother Rob and Kim Dimension as he takes this journey into the world of Professional Wrestling. 

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