Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You Maniacs!!!

By - Steve Mezo

Back in 1980 my mom had taken me to see the movie "MANIAC"

No typo there, we saw all of the buzz it was getting on the news back then. And when word got out that Roger Ebert walked out after only watching it for thirty minutes we knew we had to see it.

The funny thing is Friday The 13th that we had just seen a couple months before was way gorier, and Blood Beach that we had seen the week before had way more jump scares. So my mom and I couldn't figure out what all of the fuss was about? And except for one topless scene it reminded us of "Starsky and Hutch" just without them in it. 

But I really liked it a lot and Joe Spinell always reminds me of a much loved uncle. And Joe's hairdresser scene sealed it as a favorite for me because my uncle Chico was always a prankster and would do something like that to get a laugh out of me.
About five years later I lucked out and scored a MANIAC poster from one of my favorite Mom and Pop Video Stores. And it called one of those snap together frames together home for a while.
I've had it for years but almost lost it, thanks to a roof leak over my closet. My wife and I had just moved into our current place and were still figuring out what to put where. So I had kept the framed poster and others to get professionally framed in my bedroom closet.
Well the leak had ruined a Godzilla poster, a autographed CLERKS poster and an autographed KISS poster that was gift from a friend.

It may be a little worse for wear now, but I think it adds character to it and it's safely (professionally) framed on my wall.

The best part about watching MANIAC years later is seeing props from "The Prowler" in Frank's apartment. The plaster mouth on Frank's door is part of "Farley Granger's" head casting for The Prowler's death scene.

Now we fast forward to 2012 for the MANIAC remake.

Okay I'll be the first to admit I yelled "REMAKE?! WHAT THE WHAT?!" But when I saw Elijah Wood was playing "Frank Zito" it gave me some hope.

Then I finally saw it and it delivered! Elijah was great as a Frank Zito that you had more sympathy for. And the whole first person take on it added so much. 

Another thing with this version is even though you were witnessing/partaking in Franks brutality, you found yourself kind of rooting for him to keep it together for Anna. 
"Rob Dimension" (No Clowning Around / Baggage) brought up a great point of how the cities where each movie took place were characters in the movies themselves. 

And I really liked that it was made more as a homage to the original, and had one of the coolest tributes to a predecessor in a long time.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Put some tinfoil on those rabbit ears so we can watch Monsterama GO-GO!!!

By - Steve Mezo

Grab your favorite monster mask, get a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal and get ready to watch Monsterama GO-GO!!!


Your Hissstorian of the Monster Moldy Oldies Scott Ruth is going to show you things you may have forgotten about or never even seen!!!

After a way too long brain break from the land of the living dead, undead... used to be living, but are now dead then are animated now? Whatever! He's the man that helped me go from cave drawings to bathroom stall scribblings with my writing!

He is now transmitting from a long forgotten Cable Station in a super secret location! And his show Monsterama GO-GO is coming at you live! He is delivering REVIEWS AGAIN, giving all kinds of shout outs to friends that are running around the haunted forest and graveyards of Indie Horror.

And just when you thought you were some kind of Ghoulapedia of Horror *BAM* Monsterama GO-GO is brought to you by Scott Ruth's own sponsor 

AnTOYquity is a huge collection of all of the retro toys out there. I'm serious if Scott Ruth doesn't have it listed it doesn't exist. There are a lot of Retro Toy sites out there (And I do enjoy them all), but Scott seems to find stuff that were in my own toy box that I forgot about or I wish I knew existed. 
And he researches and list the (current) market values of the toys which is pretty cool too if you plan on getting them. 

And I have a feeling that Scott is going to start bringing back his findings from the tombs of Retro Advertising too. I remember way back when Scott had shown me a ton of them from the 60's and 70's, where my jaw dropped and I was like "An Ad agency gave the green light for this?!" You think some of the stuff you here now is insensitive? Ha Ha, these ads would have made most P.C. people faint! 

If you haven't been to Scott Ruth's sites yet and have never read one of his reviews, get out there and do it!   

Happy Winter Halloween!

By - Steve Mezo

That's right Happy Winter Halloween! You can still have a Merry Christmas but I have more fun with Winter Halloween.

I know most of you are shaking your heads, but the fine line that was the month of November has been erased and Halloween and Christmas have been merged. And now Thanksgiving is a dinner break in between. 

Still don't believe me? Well A Christmas Carrol was the earliest to do a crossover with four ghost and Jacob Marley was one of the scariest ones of the bunch.

There he was talking to his best friend Ebeneezer a year after his own death to warn Ebeneezer about his past leading to a very bad existence. I think the part that always gave me the willies about him was the handkerchief tied around his head to keep his mouth closed when he was laid out. Then having to drag the chain he forged with the obsession of wealth was pretty brutal. 

And look at all of the Halloween type things we do and enjoy every Christmas.

We eat Gingerbread People and their houses like monsters.


We look forward to the treats
and the candy

make that lots of candy.

You get to wear costumes and be characters

put up all kinds of decorations inside and outside your house that you wouldn't any other time of year.

and have mythical creatures scurry around your house.

Then there are all of those Christmas Monsters like

The Grinch

 The Bumble

and Snow Miser and Heat Miser 

Then Nightmare Before Christmas came out and really started to swing the holiday pendulum the other way.

Decorations are covered in glitter


Trees are being used
 as well as wreaths

and I've even seen Halloween Holiday Lights!

Then there are all kinds of Halloween Monster Christmas songs like Lon Chaney Jr. "Monster Holiday", Christmas Horror Movies and Slashers, Heavy Metal Christmas Carrol Covers and my Mom's favorite tradition of a Halloween Present.

So now you're saying "Dude where are you going with this?!" and I'll have to answer with "They are both days (or months if you're like me) where you can just enjoy them. And if you decide to march to the beat of you're own drum solo, you can pick what you think are the best parts from both holidays and be happy for three months straight if you like." 

Happy Winter Halloween
and I promise this will be the last Fluff Piece for a while...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tattooed Steve's 2013 Holiday Special!

By - Steve Mezo

Matt Gacesa has been hard at work again creating some of the coolest yard decorating I've ever seen. I had typed about his work with collecting, repairing and repainting light up Blowmold decorations this past October

Here's some samples of Matt's Christmas Blowmold repaints.

A discarded pair of Christmas Candles

are given a whole new life.

Matt had bought these choir boys from a outdoor market 
that were painted with the wrong kind of paint for restoration.

Matt removed the original and house paint

 then did a complete paint restoration with the right kind of paint.

I figured since I'm still trying to figure out some December monster movie articles I would show off some more of Matt's work.

One of my favorite things that Matt does with his displays is help get donations for one of my favorite organizations. 

This year he decided to go with a Christmas Village theme with his Blowmold collection. 

The Santa Express is making all of it's scheduled stops

More choir figures are on display 

  The Classic Nativity is on display
 Jesus won't be in the manger until Midnight Christmas eve

 Lots of fun animal characters

Santa's Workshop made with "Little Tykes" reapinted play houses 

The Christmas Village Build a Bear Workshop 

And the Reindeer's Stable

and the flying sleigh has to be my favorite of his set ups so far. 

I think the coolest thing about Matt's displays is there is something for everyone to enjoy. And he's able to have a creative outlet that he can enjoy his collection with thousands of others. 

See you soon with some December Monster Madness!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

On location of SILVERMANIA's "Paperboy 3 The Hard Way"!

By - Steve Mezo

Newt Wallen and Justin Silverman loved an arcade game that was reworked for the N.E.S. just as much as any of us and the name of that game is...


Back when that game was out I wouldn't be a paperboy if I had to, but I was at that arcade every day paying to work the most dangerous route ever known!
And a few later years Nintendo had made their version of it. Fast forward a lot more and Newt Wallen writer director of the soon to be released MIDNIGHT SHOW had this great idea for a parody of the game and teamed up with Justin Silverman from "SILVERMANIA" to write the script. It's done in the style of a movie trailer like the one's in Newt's soon to be released movie "MIDNIGHT SHOW", but is a "SILVERMANIA" episode. 

On the location that day as crew members were:

Director Isaac Williams
Production Managers Justin Silverman and Jarrett Courtney
Filmed by Isaac Williams & Kieran Fallon
Boom Mic Operated by Will Rivera
Location Manged by Newt Wallen
Custom Props & Weapons by Tony DeBartolis
F/X Make Up by "Tattooed" Steve Mezo & Jackie Mezo
Production Assistant - Justin Haller
And the actors that day were:

Paperboy - Newt Wallen
Papergirl (from the NES game Paperboy 2) - Kristy Richman
Editor in Chief - Kevin Riordan
Secretary - Jo Pincushion
Recumbent Bike Thug - Harold Fuimaono
Grim Reaper - Will Rivera
Skateboard Thug - Kieran Fallon
Hoop Thug - Isaac Williams
Dragged Paperboy - Justin Haller
It was really cool having Kevin Riordan there because he had interviewed Newt and a few of us for an article for The Inquier's Web Edition. And he did a great job in his role of The Editor and Chief. 

My wife Jackie and I were there to do F/X makeup and help with the production wherever needed and it was a great day out too. Jackie had never been to Liberty Lake before so when other shots were being done we were able to walk around the park and spend some much needed brain break time together. 

Jackie Mezo applying Kevin Riordan's F/X battle damage. 

      Kristy Richman "Papergirl" after being attacked by Jo Pincushion's Secretary character.

  Jackie applying Newt's F/X base makeup.

 Paperman ready for action!

The Paperman after going rounds with countless thugs.

Me  messing around with Tony DeBartolis's torched Paperboy prop between takes.

 And I took a much needed ice cream break.

 8 - Bit artwork by Frank Browning that could have been used in the Super NES version. 

I had read the script three times in one day because I loved the plot and the gags. And to see quite a few of them acted out (Including the Bounus Level locatioin) was hysterical.

Everybody there that day had a good time and really worked hard at getting all of the shots needed done with the daylight we had. And it was really cool getting to meet new people that we would be working with later on other projects coming up. 

And the best part was getting our names on a episode of SILVERMANIA!

Since it's release the video is getting great reviews and comments and getting a lot of recognition from some of the biggest names on the the internet. 

Give it a watch with the link below and make sure to leave a comment on the SILVERMANIA YouTube wall.