Monday, August 26, 2013

A Grindhouse Weekend at Cafe Z!

By - Stephen Mezo

A man by the name of Todd Staruch from
 had an idea for a Mini-Horror Convention and named it 
"Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z".

Todd was then able to get the cooperation and support from a few friends and made it possible.
Thomas Ryan, Patty Inghilleri, Todd Staruch and Carolyn Baris

Everybody there was really great and it was cool how four of the productions were all by a group of friends that worked together. 
And it really blew me away to find out from Newt Wallen that a few of the people there are part of his production "Midnight Show" as well.

And my wife and I had the chance to meet Rob and Kim Dimension
It was really cool because we were able to buy "No Clowning Around", see the screening of it and have time to talk to them about the movies and find out about "Baggage" that we now own as well. 

We were able to spend a little time with Andrew Vallee from "Horrorgasm" and his wife, and had the chance to see quite a few screenings before they were even played and made available at the larger conventions. 

We watched Manny Serano's "Blood Slaughter Massacre", Rob Dimension's "No Clowning Around" and Ryan Scott Weber's "Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies".

And I bought "No Clowning Around", Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies", Thomas Ryan's "Day 9" and Bradley Creazno's "The Bible Belt Slasher" (Parts 1 & 2).

Then my wife and I were able to meet and become friends with Dee who is a Professional Photographer "DeeKae Imagery" and recorded a lot of the goings on in pictures. 

Dee and Kim Dimenson showing the proper way to have fun at a Horror Convention.

Then Jackie and me met Freddie VS Jayson

Dennis Carter Jr. appeared as everyone's favorite dude that says "Groovy", and looked so much like him that you were waiting for Deadites to show up!

Model and Actress Missy Heather was there
to support Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies where she played "Kim"
And The Bible Belt Slasher part 2 as "The Dispatcher". 

Then I got to meet Bradley Creanzo
 (Writer/Director and Composer for The Bible Belt Slasher Parts I & II)
Nobody can do a death scene like this guy in a movie!!!
And he gets killed a lot in em'.

Tarot Reader and Actress Genoveva Rossi
was there in support of Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies 
in her role of "Seance Leader Jo Jo"
and conducting Tarot Readings

I had a blast talking with Rev. Patrick Devaney and reminiscing about the old days of Indie Horror Production and working with and editing 3/4 Video. 

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Rob Dimension had told me about Cafe Z's Stuffed Meatball! All I can say is it's the size of a softball, stuffed with zesty ricotta cheese and just amazing. 

Good Times were had by all that Saturday
Thomas Ryan and me of "Vlad The Inhaler" fame and Writer Director of the zombie horror short "Day 9"

When Metal Ruled The World!


 By - Stephen Mezo

Back in 1981 I was walking through the music section of the then local BRADLEES and I had seen a familiar name OZZY OSBOURNE on the cover of his album "Blizzard of Ozz". 

I put it on my turntable put on my headphones and lost my mind when I heard "I don't know" for the first time. I already had "Paranoid" and "Masters of Reality" from Black Sabbath from my cousin Louie and just about played them until they were smooth. 
But my eleven year old mind was completely blown by Ozzy's solo album. And it sent me on my quest to find out about all things METAL!!!

It was great having friends that had older brothers that were Metal Heads that thought it was killer that we were all about the metal, and they just about wrote list of what albums we should own. And the place to buy those albums was a small record store in the Airport Plaza in Hazlet New Jersey called "Gary's Now and Then Records". 

Gary was the Grand Master of All Things Metal. I mean he knew all about other styles too, but he knew we needed his guidence. And he made sure we had all of the classics. Everything from Saxon to Judas Priest to Motorhead filled my shelves in my bedroom. 

And then two album covers stuck with me forever... 

One is Quiet Riot's "Metal Health"

And "Jeff Wickedbeard Cochran" made a custom metal mask of it for me years later.

And Just when I thought this was the coolest thing I could ever own in my collection, Professional Mask Maker Ray Charland went and made a mask that I could have only dreamed of owning back in 1982. 

Because this was the first time I had ever seen EDDIE on the cover of Iron Maiden's "KILLERS"!

Ray doing the original sculpt

 And me with my new Eddie mask after all of Ray's work!

If you would have told me back in 1985 (When the intro picture was taken) that I would be married to my wife who broke up with me two years before that picture was taken, and I would own The Metal Health Mask and a Eddie Killers mask I would have said "Stop Drinking The Bong Water". And then if I would have seen it I would have fallen over. 

I've drawn and painted Eddie in his "Killers" pose so many times that I could probably do it with my eyes closed. And it really surprises me now how in the course of two albums he was almost completely lost to me. 

I know how a lot of people think that if you're a fan of a band you're supposed to support them and follow them no matter what.

But if the change is a big one, I tend to part ways with following them. A couple examples would be Motley Crue doing "Theater of Pain", Celtic Frost doing "Cherry Orchards", W.A.S.P. with the "Electric Circus" and Blackie changing from bass to guitar and Judas Priest with "TURBO".

Don't get me wrong I didn't suddenly hate them, it's just they went a direction that I wasn't following and just kept with their earlier recordings. 

Which brings me back to Eddie and Iron Maiden...
The last album I bought from them was "The Number of The Beast"
I liked all of the tracks on it and artist (as well as Eddie's Portrait Creator) Derek Riggs made Eddie bigger than life and Satan himself. I missed hearing Paul Di'Anno's vocals, but Bruce did a damn good job on the album.

But then a year later the band broke my heart.

I walked into Gary's store and he told me that there was a new Maiden album out and pointed to the rack it was in. I ran over just to see this...

What the hell did they do to him?! First of all they shaved his head and then there was the picture of the band getting ready to have Eddie's brain for dinner! And when I heard the tracks from a friend that bought the album I knew my time as newer Maiden fan was over.

I hate to say it but seeing Eddie bald was a big deal to me. I mean here I was fighting with my father to let me grow my hair, and Eddie just lost his. Then I read an article not long after titled "Eddie is dead" (If I remember right) where someone came out wearing the Eddie Piece of Mind Costume and the band attacked Eddie. It said Bruce pulled his brain out (For the last time) and the band pretty much brought down and attacked him on Brazilian TV at their concert. I was devastated...

Then really wasn't happy with "Powerslave" or "Somewhere in Time". I'm all about Mummies, Sci Fi and The Terminator, but I wasn't into the new sound or Arena band that they had become. 
Once again I'm not saying it's bad, it just wasn't for me. 

Then in 1985 "Live After Death" came out and for me it was a little too late. I loved the graphic of Eddie being restored to his former glory, but it was still the Arena style music...

But even through all that "Killers" never lost it's place in my heart and sent me on a quest that took me as far as Hungary to get everything I could of the Di'Anno lineup and sound. 

When I was there I was able to buy singles that were banned in the U.K. and U.S. because of their covers alone. 

There was Sanctuary
Women in uniform

and one of my all time favorite songs 
Running Free

I was so happy bringing these back to the states that you would have thought that I found hand fulls of gold! Now the only thing I needed was a Eddie mask.

And who would have thought it would be so hard to get just the right one?! I had seen them in Iron Maiden videos and photo shoots, but I couldn't get my hands on a decent one. 

The ones I did find were paper thin that would just rot apart with horrible hair (Made in China), mass produced knock offs that were just different enough to avoid infringement for making thousands of them, or the Piece of Mind one's and you know my thoughts on them. 

Phillip Ross Griffith had done a great sculpt with the upper left, but it was out of his hands once the manufactures went cheap on the production...

Then one day Ray Charland decided to make a few as a very limited run for his friends. And now I get to see Eddie in all his glory and smile to myself every day. 

Thank You Ray 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Talking about The Bible Belt Slasher Parts I and II.

By - Steve Mezo

A couple days ago my wife and I were at a Mini Indie Horror Convention "Grindhouse Days at Cafe Z" hosted by Todd Staruch, Thomas Ryan and Carolyn Baris.

We had a great time there and met a lot of really cool people. As we were checking out the tables we saw the banner for "The Bible Belt Slasher Part II (The Holy Terror)". And at the table was the writer, director, actor and owner of Bradco Bradley Creanzo.

I had asked Bradley if the movie was his or if he was only in it and he had told me "both". I planned on buying a DVD from everyone there and had asked him to autograph it for me. When he did he asked me what I wanted as part of the autograph and that's when I had a complete Brain Fart... I'm used to having someone just signing their DVD's or photo prints and simply saying "Thanks for coming" so that's what I had him write. 

Then my wife an I had realized how much he had looked like me way back when I started acting and doing special effects. 

Check it out
     This was me back in 1993

And here is Brad with me at Cafe Z in 2013
It was like my own Hot Tub Time Machine.

 I know, I know "Get to the movie"... 

After a full day of watching Indie Horror's with their creators and getting to meet the cast members we got home and proceeded to watch our new DVD's. And I was really happy to see that The Bible Belt Slasher Part I was also on the DVD with Part II (The Holy Terror). 

If want to know what it's about, I can explain it pretty quick.

 This is Jason Fry 
(Larry Baumer)
 He's mentally unstable and after being prank called by a group of bored teenagers goes off his meds and decides to punish the wicked. 
And this is where the fun starts!

Bradley and his crew kept me entertained the whole time through parts one and two. I loved how they went as far as they could with keeping you in the mindset that it was made in 1988. Everything from the props to the costumes and even going as far as building a Video Store set went into the production. 

Part one is pretty much a introduction to Jason Fry and throwing a whole lot of kills at you as fast as possible. While two goes deeper into Jason's backgorund and delivers even more kills. As well as a Bar Fly Santa getting beat down. 

Both movies are made out of love for all the killer Slasher Movies that we rode our bikes to the video store to see, or gave up complete weekends of sleep just to watch as many as we could on cable. And not only did Brad write, direct and act in them he scored them as well. 

There is more than enough fake blood to go around as well as other extras that are expected from 80's Slashers. As well as a good storyline to keep everything moving along.

It's not easy doing these either. Sure a lot of people can say "Anybody can do that" or take an elitist high ground and badmouth the works of others that write a pretty entertaining plot and work with the budgets and equipment they have.
But it takes special talents from people like Bradley Creanzo to make these entertaining, fun and able to find their audiences. 

And both brought me back to a time when I spent long hours in a rubber Space Sea Creature costume, and creating F/X kills on a nightly basis on complete strangers. And it just blew me away how close they were in looks to what I had worked on twenty years before. 

These two have definitely earned their place in my "Hot Wing Movie" favorites collection. 

A day or two after I met Bradley and had seen him play "Johnny" in the soon to be released "Bloood Slaughter Massacre" by Manny Serrano


I found out from writer/director Newt Wallen that he's in the trailer "Coin Slots" in his (Newt's) movie "Midnight Show" that I'm in with the trailer "Her Time of The Month".

So technically we're in the same movie, pretty cool huh?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Interview With Entertainer And Singer Christopher Inlow.

By - Steve Mezo

They say "Chuck Norris doesn't sleep he waits", well I'm starting to think that Christopher Inlow doesn't sleep either he entertains! 
 Apocalypse Kiss production still: Photo Credit Carmela Hayslett Grilllo

He's had roles in Christian Jude Grillo's "Deer Crossing" and the upcoming "Apocalypse Kiss" along with other projects, Acts in stage productions, host the 2 for Nantucket Podcast Show, he's in the process of authoring a book of Adult Lymrics/Poetry, he's doing some stand up comedy shows featuring the same, He's involved in The Musical Burlesque show "Kubrilesque", and in the award winning web series "Shotgun Mythos" as the character Thales Miletus, he is the lead singer of the band "Above The Silence" and is working on a children's book of poetry. And to top it all off he has a super secret Cartoon Show in the works.     

"Above The Silence" Group Shot: Photo credit Tasbir

Now I've been trying to get him to The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store for an interview for the longest time, but time constraints have made it very difficult until now. 

I was watching The Fly from 1986 and the idea came to me to build my own Telepods! So all I had to do was hit the button combo on the remote (You can find it on Google) to get the hidden how-to on building them. 

I wouldn't advise it for the Star Trek Transporters because they are very math heavy and you have to be spot on, or as they say in Ghostbusters "All of your atoms go on separate vacations!!! 

But to make Teleporters is a lot easier. All you need is a repair manual for a 1973 Ducati 750 Super Sport Motorcycle, a dial up modem, a copy of Windows 95, a huge power source, lots of heavy gauge cable and the best bug zapper you can buy.

I set up the first Telepod in the back of the video store

Sent the second Telepod to Christopher by UPS to set up in his basement

Then turned on the borrowed power transformer outside the Video Store

And it worked!!!

Christopher got out of my Telepod took a seat and was able to answer everything I wanted to know.

What was the first Monster Toy that you've ever owned?

The first Monster I remember owning was the Rankor monster from Return of the Jedi. There was a trigger on his back and when you pushed it- it would make his mouth open up. It made chewing up G.I Joes, Star Wars figures, and Rubber WWF (World Wrestling Federation, Not World Wildlife Entertainment) easy and fun. There was always a clear ending. If you were not the Rankor Monster- You would be eaten by him.

What was your favorite Monster Series when you were younger and your favorite now?

Well this is a tough question. Allot of what I watched growing up were TV series that had monsters in them. I have always been a big fan of short stories. I enjoy reading them, watching them, writing them, everything! My father was a huge Sci-Fi fan so I was exposed to great reading material, great films, and great shows! Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Monsters, Friday the 13th, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Freddy's Nightmares, The Outer Limits- Stuff like that. If your not talking about a TV series- It was A Nightmare on Elm Street- I was the weather man on my elementary schools TV show and I went on that show AS Freddy Kreuger. I was a pretty crazy weather guy.

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

Somewhere buried deep within my parents photo collection is a picture of me at 5 years old. I am wearing a Casper The Friendly Ghost costume. I don't know why I remember this so well. Maybe because I loved that costume so much. As far as non Halloween Costumes- my mother made me a Super Hero cape. One side of it was Superman and when you flipped it over it was The Greatest American Hero. One of my most prized items ever. Wow, I really wish I still had that thing.

If you played with Green Army Men what was their worst foe?

I don't remember playing with green army men. I was probably the only one that didn't have buckets full of them too. My parents didn't buy me bulk toys like that. I had 1 G.I. Joe "Bazooka" (I didn't even have another G.I. Joe for him to fight till much later), 1 big rubber wrestler (These things were awesome although they didn't change position- You actually learned how to fight other toys with the wrestler in one flexed muscle position- Mr. Wonderful was in Bodyslam mode at all times). I had a couple of wrestlers but I got those from trading. Green Army men?  I guess they didn't want little green things all over the place to step on. If I did have them- They would have been eaten by the Rankor Monster.... Or my Mortermer Snerd Vantriloquest Dummy. ha! I loved that thing too!

What was the first Monster ask you've ever owned?

The first Monster mask I ever owned. I will go back and say Casper. I don't really remember owning many mask. If my look was altered it was by face paint or makeup.

What was our favorite Monster Cereal?

Hello my name is "Crispy" How do you do. New "Crispy Critters Cereal" is entirely new. It's indubitably delicious. Hello my name is Crispy and this is the hunch- this is the low sugar cereal with lots of cu-runch" I think that may have been it. At least I have that commercial eternally stuck in my brain. I remember liking Co Co Puffs- Honestly though. I don't know if they were supposed to be monsters or not... but alot of those cereal characters, if brought to life would be scary as hell! Imagine hearing a bang on the inside of your closet and hearing a deep voice from beyond say "IIIIIIIm Coo Coooooooo Foooor CoCo Puuuuuuuuffs" you get up and race to the door... but only to be met by a gigantic deranged Bird.

Did you have any imaginary monster fears, like Under the bed monster or Closets monster types?

I was not afraid of monsters in the closet or under the bed. I was afraid of monsters in the dark. My imagination was insane! I remember praying in my thoughts at night when I was really little. Then having the prayer interupted by the voice of Satan who would tell me bad things. Crazy stuff. I was a fairly normal kid who may have seen to many movies or read to many stories. Bed or closets... no.... I feared the monsters in my mind.

Oddest thing you've ever seen given a monster theme just to sell it?

The Cookie Monster, What in the world is that about? Think about it. A big blue sugar toothed Monster that obsesses over cookies. Maybe that is just the oddest Monster- Really- we are all raised with the Cookie Monster so it doesn't seem that out of the ordinary. Imagine if you were not though. Imagine you walk into your kitchen and a big freaking monster was insanely throwing- THROWING cookies down his throat. Coooooo kieeeeee!!!

You're stranded on a desert Island with an atomic battery powered DVD player. What Five Horror DVD's or Blu-Rays do you have with you?

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, The Changling  (With George C. Scott), The Blob, Twilight Zone The Movie, A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scott). I dunno- This is a really tough question. I remember coming home every day after school and watching The Lost Boys. I was (and still am) a huge Corey Feldman fan and like it or not- Corey Feldman killed the human form of Jason Vorhees. Machete to the face! OUCH! Okay maybe not Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Maybe Friday the 13th part 4 or A Nightmare on Elm Street part 3. Bram  Stoker's Dracula, Halloween (4 or 5) What are you trying to do make my head explode? We could be going on with this forever! Oh I know. There are DVDs that have like 20 movies on 1 DVD- So...... I could have all of those. Hellraiser, Waxwork, Blood Sucking Freaks! Is the Toxic Avenger a Horror film? I'm sorry- I just can't do this without my brain exploding.

If you hit a huge lottery what Horror Prop, Place or Costume would you want to buy?

All the dinosaurs from Jurrasic Park and make a killer theme park. I would call it "The Storage Unit Of Terror"  

(I'm unplugging the bug zapper for that one...)

Zombies are making their way in the front door and you're running out the back, what four things do you take with you?  

Danielle Harris, Winona Ryder, Amanda Bynes, the Genie From Aladdin and my Event Agent Missy Gordon of The Scarlet Abbey!

And after that answer he got back in the Telepod and made it back in time to be in yet another production!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

There's No Clowinig Around With This Short.

By - Steve Mezo

My wife and I were at a local Indie Horror Convention "Grindhouse Days at Cafe Z" and we got to see Rob Dimension's movie short "No Clowning Around".

The Convention Host Todd Staruch had given a intro to it and said that it was Rob's first time making a feature short. So we watched it and all I could say was "There is no way this is Rob's first time doing this!" The production was solid and Rob along with his wife Kim had given great performances!

Then Todd had given the floor to Rob for some Q and A. And that's when I had discovered why I had really liked "No Clowning Around". It seems that Rob and I had taken the same walk down the same path that had inspired him to make this short.

We had completely different situations, but we had the same common thought. "There's mountains of misery everywhere so we're just focusing on enjoying happiness when and where we can find it".

And it was really cool to hear from Rob that the main characters from "No Clowning Around" have a lot more in store for them in comic book form. And my wife got to hear a lot of great behind the scenes stories from Rob's wife Kim. 

I can't wait to see what he's done with his next movie "Baggage".

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Talking about The Last of Us on the PS 3.

By - Steve Mezo

I've been playing video games for a long time... Now I'm nowhere near calling myself a Gamer, but I am someone that's been playing them for a long time.

So you would think that when I started playing "The Last of Us" 

I would have been like"Been there played that..." But it turned out to be just the opposite, I love this game and have played it through four times already!

I've read quite a few reviews where people have complained that that the plot is predictable and done before in a number of diffrent ways. Well I have to respond with "Everything has been retold and redone since the days of telling tales around the campfire". 
I really liked the the story and plot line and really did become attached to the characters. 

I was really happy with the control layout being shooter familiar, and was beyond relived that weapon upgrades are straight forward and easy to do.


The main reason I liked Joel was he wasn't perfect. He came from a background of being a survivor in what became a very unforgiving world, and honed his fighting skills to keep himself and his brother Tommy alive.

My jaw just about hit the floor when he had told Elly he had lived the life of a Hunter himself for a while. And his interrogation skills had really shown the full on involvement he had with them.

Elly was great as the street smart kid, but she wasn't over done as some kind of hard as nails super teen. She was thrown headfirst into the deep end of survival situations and fought her way through. But at the end of the day she was still a teenage girl, and I really felt bad for her when she had found another girls diary. 
She grew up in a world of brutality, self preservation, and wondering if she'll see the end of each day. And was reading about another that seemed to live in an entirely different universe where the biggest worry was not having the right outfit. 

Then there were characters that had watched their own worlds crumble around them. Bill going through the heartbreak of finding out that his (Partner) Frank planed on abandoning him and the relative safety of his secured town. Ish creating a community in the style of Tommy's, and hoping to give humanity a new start just to have it destroyed by infection. Then there was Henry who did everything he could to keep his brother Sam safe. But when Sam was bitten and turned, Henry couldn't live with the thought of somehow failing him. 

I couldn't get over the attention to detail in the game's backgrounds and sets. And it was really cool how your able to really explore the areas you're in after fighting and parts of the game where you're traveling.                
The way that the houses were left after twenty years of forced evacuations were eerie. And then various survivors either rummaging through the houses and apartments or using them as temporary shelters themselves made you wonder how many stories they held.

When Winter hit and Elly was the playable character my heart sank thinking that Joel didn't survive his injury. And I was actually afraid for Elly having to continue on her own.
And I had a feeling that David was shady the second he had shown up and introduced himself to Elly.

And when Joel had found out about The Firefly organization being responsible for the deaths of countless immune people in their quest to create a vaccine, he wasn't about to have Elly taken like his own daughter Sarah. When I go to that part of the game nobody left that operating room except Joel carrying Elly!

I suspect that there's going to be a follow up game to The Last of Us, and if there is I'm making sure that there will be a lot less of the Fireflies in that world too. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hungarians - We do Horror Right!

By - Steve Mezo

I'm Hungarian and Scottish and I love both heritages equally. They're both full of great legends and tales of Ghost, Monsters and actual historical figures you would never want to meet in the wrong way. 

But tonight I'm going to talk about The Hungarian side and two women that I was introduced to a couple of years ago. And their names are Jen and Sylvia Soska.


I'll never forget the first time I messaged them and the second they found out I was half Hungarian we bonded instantly. I know, I know sounds kind of Internets Stalker Creepy. But it's a Hungarian thing and you wouldn't understand. 

The thing with us is we instantly connect with others that share our Bloodline (Legend has it that each one of us is a decedent of Attila) and we tend to look out for one another. It's like allot of things that were normal for us growing up made us outsiders to others. So as long as we have each other who cares?

Like when I went to Hungary with my parents back when I was sixteen. I was beyond nervous because I had never been there before and it was when The Soviet Union was still running things. So all of the talk about how much they hated Americans was in my head.
But the second I met my family over there and allot of new friends it was like I came home, and I didn't want to leave!

Everybody I talked to were all about Horror Movies and Heavy Metal! One minute I'm watching a Hungarian dubbed version of "Suspiria" in the theater, the next I'm singing "Princess of The Night" for a rock clubs house band that night!

Okay so now that were up to speed on that I want to talk about a movie I have waited over a year to see and bought the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of!


My wife and I loved Dead Hooker in a Trunk and we couldn't wait to see where Jen and Sylvia were going to go from there, but we had too. 
So we did and we loved American Mary just as much. I had watched it by myself before I went to work (Made my wife a little mad) but I haaaad to see it. And besides I bought the Blu-Ray right after and she got to see that version first.

We thought the story line was great we loved Katharine Isabelle as "Mary Mason". And for a movie about a Body Modification Surgeon there wasn't a whole lot of blood and gore. I know how that could sound like a bad thing, but it was used in the right way. Instead of making it a GWAR style body count where they could just do guideline story, they really gave you a reason to like Mary Mason.

I don't expect everybody to see every single movie ever as they come out, so I try to do these where I can talk to those that have seen it and others can stop here watch it and then come back.   


The girls really conveyed the felling of helplessness of Mary (In both her financial and attacked scene). As well as her Dr. Grant getting his payback. 

And it was cool seeing the influences of "Auditon" and "Frankenstein". It wasn't just about Mary getting even for being raped, he became a monument to her empowerment. 
She now had the honing of he body modification skills, her financial power to afford housing for herself, her (Dr. Grant) creation, and a studio create and display her new masterpieces to the world.

And it was sad how she had started to become attracted to Billy only to realize that he wasn't too different from (Dr. Grant). Both enjoy having power over attractive women and recording their conquest on video. It's just each were dealing with different ends of the financial spectrum of the women. Dr. Grant held the keys to 
Professional riches and stability, while Billy provided financial stability for a better lifestyle on their level. 
But both came at the cost of all of the women being exploited... 

After watching it with a second time with my wife I noticed that Mary was actually trying to get by in Med School with her looks. She has the smarts but she felt the need to make sure she's getting the grade.
I'm not saying it as a dig, but it's almost like a tie in the parallels of the lives of Mary and Beatress (They are there if you look).  

Then just as if Billy had come to the realization himself that he was no better than the Surgeons at the party, and then was trying to come to grips with it to tell Mary how he felt. But before he gets a chance to, the circle that had started with a phone call from Beatress Johnson to Mary had come around and ended with the same. 

Szép munka lányok nem tudunk várni, hogy mit hoz létre a következő.