Friday, February 5, 2021

The time we had together was the time of our lives.

I understand how it throws people how I am with my mother's passing and I really don't expect people to get it. 

But the reason I'm so accepting and at peace with it is neither one of us should have even been here in the first place. 

Back when my mom was three years old she was walking along with her doll and baby carriage towards some friends on the sidewalk. (That's her in the newspaper clipping below). But her neighbor Mrs. Poduska didn't see any of them as she was backing out of her driveway. And accidentally backed over my mother and crushed the right side of her skull and pelvis.

My mom's aunt Janet had told me that poor Mrs. Poduska was devastated back then. But nobody blamed or had anger towards her because the backs of those cars were gigantic and there was no way she could have seen my mom. 

Now the doctors weren't remotely even expecting her to survive at all, but we have that healing factor and she pulled through even with 1940's medical technology. And she really freaked them out by healing to the point of only loosing her sense of smell permanently, a narrow left ear canal and having some slight facial paralysis on the left side of her face. Even doctors that she had seen nowadays were freaked out after she would explain her condition during visits. 

Then when I made my debut my lungs straight up refused to work and doctors gave my parents the "We did everything we could" start off but were told that I decided to stick around after all but had to spend two weeks in an incubater hooked up to oxygen. Then they told my mom that would grow up to be (what they called sickly) and underweight all my life, but I guess I showed them huh?

Then she survived three more times where a doctor told me each time they were doing or did everything they could. Just to have her happily watching The Price is Right The Following morning. 

And I had my own short visit to the other side when Sepsis was racing through me. Just to have me telling my nurse how awesome the hamburger was that I was eating for lunch the next day. 

So when my mom was able to have her final curtain call as close as to what she would have wanted, I was happy and relieved that I was able to help her as much as  I was able too. And for all of the time we had together. 

When I was taking care of my mom's belongings I found the clippibg in the pages of an old book and learned that her Aunt Janet had saved the article for her because her mom (my grandmother) didn't want to be reminded of it.

But now I have it to be reminded to be thankful that the both of us were here and for the time we had together as mother and son.

And a huge thank you goes out to the person that uploaded the scanned page from Long Branch, New Jersey's "Daily Record" newspaper.