Friday, June 26, 2020

Aurora Classics For Geriatrics Part Four

By: Stephen Mezo

Aurora had changed over the size of the monsters in the kits to add more to the bases of them. And this resizing gave them a way to add some more to the kits while using the same amount of styrene plastic.

The witch was one of those kits that I had posted in part two of this series and The Munsters Living Room is another of those resized kits. But I was lucky that the Polar Lights model company had released it so I was able to build and paint it. The only thing is the detail if the Munsters faces were so slight I really had to take my time painting them. And I re positioned Grandpa to face forward instead of having his back to Lilly.

I'm really thankful that there's a for a color photo to use as a reference

I was able to use a Space dragon from a damaged Superboy kit to make Spot and he can be placed anywhere on the kit's base

Moebius had started making smaller kits too with their 1/12 scale MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES line and had made The Mighty Kogar with Bob Burns head or you could make it Tracy The Gorilla from The Ghostbusters live action Television show. And there were other  monster kits in the series as well.