Friday, June 26, 2020

Aurora Classics For Geriatriatrics Part Three

By: Stephen Mezo

Continuing on with the tour of my Monster model building.

The Invisible Man by Moebius is one of my favorite builds because of the freedom you have with the layout on the base. You can literally place the extras everywhere and not have it wrong.

Then there is the infamous Forgotten Prisoner of Castle Mare by Aurora in association with Famous Monsters Magazine. Which was re released by Moebius along with a all glow version. Of course I had to buy and build both.

It glows so bright you'd think it runs on batteries

And then Moebius came out with The Ghost of Caste Mare as a tie in to The Forgotten Prisoner. Thunderboy had even made a awesome resin connecting kit that was a stone archway and dungeon
door, but the differing heights of the Prisoner and Ghost kept me from buying it.

Another favorite is Godzilla by Aurora, but the only thing that made me crazy was the scale of the buildings on his base. The same thing drove me up a wall with the jungle trees being the same height as Fay with the King Kong kit. I understand that it was supposed to give them a larger scale and the sculpt setups weren't meant to be exact representations. But it annoyed me anyway...

And I was lucky enough to have fate smile on me and let me get a Godzilla for sale without his base and able to find two damaged effect N scale buildings to display him with.

Then the Monarch model company had made a Gorgo kit. And there buildings on the base were a little more in scale, but to me N scale would have been a better addition. 

MPC had originally made the Strange Change kits and this was actually the first Monster model kit that got me started on making the others. This one is from Round 2 LLC.
It was a fun build to get back into the hobby with but the Change mechanism is a pain to redo.