Friday, June 26, 2020

Auoroa Classics For Geriatrics Part Five

By: Steve Mezo

MPC was able to get some licensing from Disney and made some really cool model kits based on The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of The Caribbean that featured movements called ZAP ACTION caused by rubber bands. Only problem is once the band gives out you can't replace it because you build it into the kit. Years later the Lindberg Model company was able to re re release the Pirates kits under new names and has been able to get one of the Mansion kits out renamed as well,

But before that I was only able to afford one of my favorite original MPC Mansion kits that needed some parts but I only wanted to display "Grave Robbers Reward" as a static kit anyway. And thanks to a fellow builder and a trip to the Craft store I was able to complete it.

Grave Robbers Reward

And these are my favorite Lindberg re release Pirate kits. They've released a coupe more and when I get them I'll update the photos here.

Dismay Be The End

In The Pinch of Peril

Hex Marks The Spot