Thursday, August 8, 2019

GONE For The Weekend with Writer-Director Troy Burbank

By - Steve Mezo

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Normally I'm all about the horror but when I was approached by Writer/Director Troy Burbank to be in his comedy GONE For The Weekend I jumped at the chance. 

GONE For The Weekend is a big old love letter to the 80's wild summer movies and takes place in the land of the Askewniverse. With Ernie O'Donnell as associate producer and in the movie as "Brit" as well as The Quick Stop as a location. It also has a great connection to Kevin Smith with him actually knowing Troy Burbank and his family for years back when Kevin was working at The Quick Stop and RST Video. Then later while filming the movie that would launch him into being the Q&A Superstar everyone knows and loves. And in a recent promotional video Kevin has appeared in with Ernie O'Donnell after Kevin's CLERKS III live script reading he said he really loves that Troy was inspired to start making quite a few short films himself with his own production company "Leonardo Boyz Productions" after talking to Kevin at The Quick Stop when he was filming the original CLERKS. And now Troy has his own first full length feature on Amazon Prime Video. 

The plot is struggling actor "Phil" played by Brad Perrott has a wife that is going on a weekend business trip with her boss. And his best friend "Jessie" played by Troy Burbank has a feeling that Phil's wife is really doing some monkey business with her boss instead. So being the best friend he is he decides to take Phil out with the rest of their friends to have a time he'll never forget. 

At first it seems like Jessie is someone that forgot Senior year is long over and trying to be the forever Party Animal, but you soon find out that there is way more to him and his close friends mean absolutely everything to him. 


 Troy and me between takes at Atlantic Bagel Co. in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
which is on the same street and side as a lot of the locations from the movie

Jessie discussing Big Bob's love of donuts in GONE For The Weekend

I had a lot of fun on both shooting days of my scenes as "Big Bob" and Troy was great to work with as a director. We had a great chemistry as Jessie and Big Bob and it really came through in the scenes where they become each others antagonist in both scenes. 

There's special appearances by rock and roll photographer Mark Weiss along with Chip Z'Nuff and members of Tesla. And a lot of laughs to be had as well as a love story for the ladies to enjoy too. 

You can watch it on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO and see more about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IMDB and