Friday, July 12, 2019

Aurora Classics For Geriatrics Part Two

By - Steve Mezo

Welcome back to part two of my intro of Joe Walter's model building group Aurora Classics For Geriatrics. Sometimes people get a little confused because when they get into the group they see post of monster models from different companies and sometimes figures that were painted by the members. And then the question comes up "Why is it called Aurora Classics if there are other things posted?" And the simple answer is Aurora Monster models were the main kits that got all of us started with gluing together pieces of plastic then painting it. 

The groups members are very supportive of one another and everyone really enjoys hearing from people that that are getting back into model building or others giving it a try for the first time. There is absolutely no harsh judgements or critiquing anyone's work because we're all about the absolute love of these model kits and the complete break they give all of us from everyday stress.

There are collectors and artist of all skill levels and backgrounds and it's great getting to learn new techniques from them as well as getting to see their creations. And the members are more than happy to supply one another with missing or custom parts needed for their kits. 

As I go on with this I'm going to be showcasing builds from Joe Walters, Dwayne Pinkney, John Harding, Lee Lee, Mark Biddison, fellow pro haunter Steve Rauco and many more. 

But right now I'm going to post my own builds with my stories behind why I did each one. 

 I'll start off with my build style which is a dedication to a way younger Monster Kid me that didn't worry about seams and I use a satin sealer on my kits to give them a slight shine as a nod to the really glossy finish the 60's and early 70's builds had from the Testors enamels that were the main paint that was advised to be used on these kits. 

Most people paint the Wolfman's pants blue for reasons all their own, but I made mine tan because I love Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein and I wanted my Polar Lights Wolfman wearing the same pants that Lon Jr. had on in the movie. 


My Polar Lights version of The Creature was a combination between artwork from a jigsaw puzzle I liked, Jame's Bama's box art and reptiles that live along the Amazon river.



And I did my Monogram version with a color scheme from the William's Creature From The Black Lagoon pinball machine which was is another favorite. The Creature around the upper right side of the hologram is the one I used for a reference.


Monogram also did a recent release with Frankenstein, and I just went by the movie still used for the sculpt and made him green because I like him that way.

I didn't want to do my Polar Lights Mummy in Grays so I went with some actual pictures of Mummys, tomb interiors and Egyptian Cobras to paint this kit.


The Witch is a favorite of mine because there were a lot of extras with it and your pretty much free to go with any color scheme you want. 


Thank you for visiting and I'll see you again in Part Three.