Saturday, November 3, 2018

In loving memory of John K. Fitzgerald "Fitz"

"Fitz" 1964 -2018

By Stephen Mezo

John Fitzgerald "Fitz" was one of the best people that this world ever had. Not only was he a professional tattoo artist at Taboo Tattoos in Keyport, New Jersey he was also a professional graphic artist that had created artwork for the band Mass Psychosis and was a minister.   

And that's not all, he's also been a much loved husband and father of two daughters and a son as well as a loving grandfather of three grandchildren. 

On top of that he was a much loved and valued friend of everyone fortunate enough to have known him. He was accepting of so many and deeply cared about those that were close to him. And was a much needed voice of reason and kept everything in perspective for those of us that were close to him as well.

Even after he crossed over he still helped those that will never have the chance to meet him, but literally have a part of him living on inside of them now. 

He had an incredible sense of humor and a love of Sci-Fi, monsters and PC games that most of us shared too. And loved discussing them all with us when we visited him at the tattoo shop.

His sudden passing was a hard hit to all of us, but now we have to keep his memory alive and ask ourselves WWFD? before making the rash decisions a lot of us are famous for. 

Love and respect till we meet up again.