Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The creative crocheting team of Jerry and Tracy Blakey

By - Steve Mezo

I'm not a romantic but I really do love when creative people get married because they really get each other.

And one of those couples is Jerry and Tracy Blakey.

Jerry is a old school gear head and builder.

He's a member of the United Sidecar Association.

He made a Werewolf Mechanic for his Sidecar for a local
Trunk or Treat event.

And competes in Demolition Derbies 
This car was sponsored by Warren F. Disbrow's Horror Movie 
"Hate's Haunted Hayride"
that Jerry was in.

And Tracy is a crochet artist that creates her magic with the assistance of Jerry as a fellow designer and producer.
Tracy Blakey with her creation Hughie the Christmas Octopus.

Tracy was taught to crochet by her grandmother and she can make her creations in a short amount of time.
And the wildest part is she makes them strictly for the love of it as gifts for friends that she knows will love her creations as much as she does. And here are a few of my favorites that my wife and I have as well as our moms. 

Jerry with his Oogie Boogie hat.


Jerry and The Land Shark!

 Tracy and one of her Octopi

And my wife as it's new adopted mom.

 Our Jack Skellington hats.

Our Plastic Bag Monster 

 My wife's Hat and Shoulder Bag Monster

with matching wallet

My mom's Plastic Bag Monster 

And my mother in law with her Monster Shoulder Bag.
She really loves it, but my wife woke her up from a nap to get the picture. 

Thank you for everything Jerry and Tracy!