Thursday, October 26, 2017

Put a bat on it...

By - Stephen Mezo

Since it's October I have to share my love for the goth couple
 known as "The Weirdos" on the show PORTLANDIA.

Carrie Brownstein as "Jacqueline" and Fred Armisen as "Vincent"

Now before anyone gets angry I don't have any preconceived notion about Portland Oregon because of the show. And I know how that feels because of a s**t show by the name of "The Jersey Shore". And my wife and I are only a few black clothing items away from being those two. 

The only thing I wonder is did their inspiration for The Weirdos come from their years in being in bands and the club scenes or "Goth Talk" that was another huge favorite of mine on SNL?

Chris Kattan as "Azrael Abyss" and Molly Shannon as "Circe Nightshade" 

I'm leaning towards the first because to me Goth Talk was a little more biting (no pun intended) when portraying high school age goths while The Weirdos are seen as every day people that make the world fit into their passion for all things goth. 

And I love when they add the sound effects to their "Most Goth" reactions.

My wife and I love all of the cool kitchen aids and "As Seen on TV" inventions at Bed Bath And Beyond so I'm using stills from our favorite Weirdo episode that takes place there because we act pretty much the same way.  

And like I was saying before I really love how Carrie and Fred portray The Weirdos just like all of their other characters. They just exaggerate the traits of everyone they play and it keeps them beyond relatable to close friends of the viewers without right out making fun of them.