Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Return of Johnathan Laslo's Knight Storm Photography!

By - Stephen Mezo

I am beyond honored when Artist and Entertainers take time to share their works and or do an interview. But to have a guest return with their newest creations is beyond awesome!!!
And one of my returning guest is photographer Jonathan Laslo of Knight Storm Photography. 


Back in June of 2015 Johnathan was kind enough to allow me to showcase his session with our mutual friend Janet Jay of "The Mummy and The Monkey Show". And I absolutely loved the haunting settings that Johnathan had made Janet a part of. 

Now Cassie L. Ravenwood is the subject in Johnathan Laslo's
journey to a land of nightmares through the lens. 








And with that I would like to thank Jonathan Laslo for being a great returning guest and for sharing his eerie photo adventure starring the lovely Cassie L. Ravenwood.