Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some Face Time with FX Artist Salem DeVane

By - Steve Mezo

Another October has come and gone and even though it didn't feel like the others between the weather and upcoming election, I still found ways to enjoy it. And one of those ways was by getting something cool created by an Independent F/X Artist.

And that F/X Artist is Salem DeVane

And what I got was his "BUTCHER" mask.

When it came in the mail I was blown away by the detail Salem put into it and the quality of the material. And this is one of the main reasons why I make sure to buy custom mask from Independent Artist.
Seriously, I had paid almost as much for mass produced masks which are not only outsourced but made out of low grade latex that rots within a couple of years. And the last that I made the mistake of buying rotted in less than a year. I'm aware that latex doesn't last forever, but I've owned and seen mask that were poured back in the late 60's and were sold in the back of comic books still around today and pretty flexible. 

But Salem DeVane just like my close friend and Indie Mask Maker Ray Charland make their mask with quality latex that are definitely worth the investment for Movie, Stage, Haunt and Cosplay use or Collecting. 

And Salem has even more than mask available on his website along with props and costume extras that can be made to order. I had asked Salem to tell me a little about himself and here's what he had to say.

As a kid I've always been fascinated with horror and Halloween, I come from a small town so Halloween was always a big deal and all the houses on my block would go all out decorating and it was just an awesome time.
I loved masks of all kinds and was obsessed with horror movies and villains in particular. We weren't poor but wasn't rich either so I began modifying masks and make paper mache masks. And back before internet we had these things called magazines lol, and my dad scrounged up some money to order me the mask makers handbook. I was so excited to get it, but was let down and disappointed because the cost of supplies and the sheer complicated process of doing it discouraged me immensely.
So it sat on my bookshelf for many years til later on. Continuing my love for the macabre I became a grave digger and eventually a funeral director, along with being an artist on the side.

And then one day I had clay, I had plaster and soon after I made my first mask. It was a disaster, but we make mistakes to learn. And eventually I got the hang of it. Pretty soon through other connections I'd made with art I was soon was making masks and costumes for film and musicians. And by the time I had enough of a portfolio I created (no longer up) and it ran it for 6 years. But then I had some tragedy in my life and I dropped it for many years. And through help of family and friends I got back on my feet and Cellar Door F/X was born and here to stay!

Salem does some killer work and has main designs that can be made to order at or he can be commissioned to make custom (full head and face) masks as well as costume accessories and props. 

Check out his gallery and make sure to tell him that Tattooed Steve sent you.