Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Storage Unit of Terror 2 XL!!!

By - Stephen Mezo

Remember on Gilligan's Isle how you never seen the other side of the island and the Professor said not to bother going there because of how overgrown and dangerous it was?
Well I've always took heed of his televised advice over the years and I have to say it's kept me pretty safe. And it's a big reason why in the five years I've owned The Storage Unit of Terror I've never ventured around the building past the side due to all of the overgrowth.

But with this super hot Summer the overgrowth dried up and died off. And I was finally able to walk around to the back of the building.

And to my surprise the back of the building was actually the front!

You should have seen the look on my face when I found out that the Storage Unit of Terror has it's own video store, a huge parking lot and a highway sign frame that I had a sign made for.

Now if you're wondering where I got all the money to get all of this signage made, all I'm going to say is there was enough bottles and cans laying around to pay for it and enough left over to keep the power on for years. 

I guess you're saying to yourself "You mean you've never walked to the back of the building in the five years you've been there?" The answer is the only way through was a locked and chained door at the end of this hall. And all of us that watched horror movies know better than to mess with doors like that.

I think the best part about the extra space is I don't have to do anything at all because it's perfect! And I can do any setup I want or need at any time! Of course I had to invite Father Evil over to give it a blessing.
I can build temporary backdrops for interviews and set up stages for concert performances.

Have friends over for F/X tutorials, set up a huge screen for premiere showings or just ride one of those Razor motorized things back and forth till I get bored.

The best part is it has it's own connected video store that I named TERRORVISION VIDEO. 
 And I can make the whole thing The Horror Section
 (Which I plan on doing).

With the old Mom and Pop Viral Video Store building being sold and turned into a health food shop I was at a total loss, but now I have my own with power and running water!

Yup, it's great having all of this extra space and just in time for all new interviews and reviews coming up right before this Halloween!