Sunday, April 24, 2016

Talking about the movie "Reichsfuhrer - SS" (2015)


By - Stephen Mezo 

I have to start this one with a thank you to Manny Serrano of "Blood Slaughter Massacre" fame for telling John Martineau to let me view a screener of "Reichsfuhrer SS". 

 Written/Directed by David B. Stewart III

Reichsfuhrer reminds me of Grindhouse favorites like "Isla Shewolf of The SS" with a anthology segment kind of feel to it. 
The movie opens with Heinrich Himmler meeting up with a demon by the name of Erebus who is making him aware of why he is Hell.
And one of the many reasons is a murder he had to commit because of a treacherous move by Nazi General Hans Shellenberg. 

I'll save you a lot of film school blah, blah review yaddda yadda yadda, and just talk about what I liked about it. I'll start by saying with the budget they had for production they did pretty damn good and had a story line that kept me watching. 
The director of photography (Okay I have to use a little) really made use of a lot of different camera angles instead of falling back on static shots and saying "That'll work..." because nothing brings the watchability of a movie to a screeching halt faster than that.  And the lighting was excellent as well, hey don't give me "Dude really?" For me to sit there and take in the story going on I want to see what's going on. Nothing aggravates me more than having to try to make out what's happening because the director is trying to hide imperfections or just under light everything out of sheer lazyness. 
Don't get me wrong I enjoy atmosphere, but you can tell the difference when watching any kind of thriller or horror. 

I was impressed with Erebus look along with his Minion and there are some great Russian soldier zombies as well. And there was plenty of gore to go around for everyone as well. Add to that an hour and a half run time and it was definitely worth the watch. 

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