Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where Does he Get All of Those Wonderful Toys? (Part 2)

By - Stephen Mezo

Now that I have introduced you to an incredibly kind man and fellow Monster Kid by the name of Daniel White let me give you a virtual tour of his home/shrine to Monster Toys and more!

Before I get the tour started I want to explain that I don't judge anyone by their collections. Daniel's is simply one of the largest I have ever seen shared on the internet.
And his is the beginning of a series of Monster Kids collections from everywhere. To me a couple of shelves or even a cabinet of much loved collectibles is just as cool as Dan's. I'm more about the people's stories behind the collections and what got them started. 

Then years and years from now when we're all attending Uncle Forry's Great Monster Collection in The Sky, how wild would it be to have a new generation of collectors not only buying our favorites but researching the reasons we had them. And them not only saying "I just bought a AHI Creature" them saying or typing "I just bought a Tattooed Steve AHI Frankenstien Re Body!" Or any other one of us that have their own space in The Storage Unit of Terror. 

So instead of making some kind of list of Daniel's collectibles I'm just going to let you take a walk around and see all of the cool stuff for yourself. Most are from his own childhood, others were from later purchases as a collector, but one of the ways he added to his collection almost made me fell over when back in 1991 while doing some home repairs and maintenance for his Uncle Richard he found The Cave of Wonders in Uncle Richard's crawlspace!

His collection is so vast that there are always new photos and I will do my best to keep up with them. But for now feel free to enter and enjoy your tour through the collection of Daniel White. 

Lets start downstairs with some Halloween Decorations



Some boxed model kits

Daniel's cabinet with models built and painted
 by Daniel and Uncle Richard

Original Comic Book likeness Superman

And I thought it was wild how Aurora had recast the Superman kit with George Reeves likeness to sell the model to the T.V. audience.

More of Daniel's Builds and paints.

Kits built and painted by Daniel, Darker outfit Batman was built and painted by Uncle Richard.

Uncle Richard's build and paint.

Daniel's build and paint

No Magic marker cheats when Daniel detailed Spider-Man, it was all fine detail brush work
as told to me by "Mord Strange".


Boxed unbuilt kits.

Uncle Richard's builds and paints

And this isn't even all of it, I would actually have to to a video tour of Daniel's house to show you every single collectible and grail that he has. So this will have to go into Part Three to show a little more of downstairs that has various collections and then we will end it in the infamous Monster Room!