Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wick'd Jfay Flashback Interview!

By - Steve Mezo

This interview originally appeared on the D'Ment'D Cinema site back on June 6, 2011 when my early incarnation of The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store was simply a side page called "Employee Picks". 

It was with a kind, beautiful woman who the Web World knows as "Jfay". She is extremely talented at creating wearable scents and for a while she was hand making scented candles that were amazingly aromatic without being overpowering. And she had even designed one that was chocolate peppermint for the D'Ment'D Cinema site.


And had even designed and custom cherry cola 
scented candle for my wife.

Now Jfay continues with her scent creations
 along with hand made jewelry designs at her Internet Store 

So let's use The VHS Time Rewinder and check out a interview with the artist known as Jfay.

Okay get ready, Tonight the wick'd woman of wax and potions is in the D'Ment'D Cinema's Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store!
Jfay works in her secret laboratory conjuring Wick'd Candles and Potions for all the ghoulies to enjoy ~

I enter the Abandoned Video Store as usual to get ready for tonight's interview only to be greeted by hundreds of glowing candles.This couldonly mean one thing my guest *Jfay* arrived before me!

I call out her name and in a "Bewitched" type flash of flame Jfay

appears before me. I thank her for being here and we sit amongst her creations to talk. 

Me : So how did all of these get to be here tonight? I mean what was the inspiration for making each one so different?

Jfay: It all came about as I realized that I enjoyed mixing and blending colors and aromas, and was also craving to do something more creative. It first began with candle making.

I enjoyed experimenting with contorting wax in all types of manners to come up with different effects.  My little wax victims have been frozen, stabbed with hot pokers, "bitten" by vampires, endured hot water torture, splashed with "blood", and even put in chains. Any type of torturous effects my little devious brain can come up with, along with the help of my "always happy to participate" evil assistant, Coyote.

Currently I am planning on putting some of my one of a kind designs in my very own online Wax Museum coming soon. This idea was inspired by my dear friend and ghost hunter, "Donna Stewart" of *PSI of Oregon*.

Me: And I hear that you have some other irons in the fire too.
Care to share?

Jfay: My newest venture has been mixing up Wick'd Potions, which are actually very sinfully delicious perfumes and fragrances.

My goal when blending an aroma is to first and foremost make it

something very unique.  Sometimes they are very mysterious, and

sometimes they are just simply so scrumptious  that they would make any monster want to nibble upon your neck! And I have something for everyone -- Men's, Women's and Unisex Aromas are available. And they are bottled in Wick'd Potion Bottles and Potion Necklaces. And you simply MUST visit my Bloody Bordello of Vampire Potions It's where all the Vampires come out to play!  They are fierce and may require a nibble or two before sharing their favorite aromas with you!

I also have a new line of candles that I'm working on called the Vampire Scent Collection. They are fun little candles that the ghoulies can mix and match to create their very own personal collection of their favorite vampy scents. Some can also be paired with the same fragrances found in the Bloody Bordello of Vampire Potions.  Available now are the Blood Line Candle, Eternally Yours, So Wicked, and Ravenous Rose. There willbe more coming very soon!

Me: Wow talk about burning the candle at both ends?! *Snicker*

Oh before we snuff all of the candles and run off into the night I have a couple random questions for you to answer.

1. What was your favorite wax food, or the candy that a least said it

was edible?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is a candy of sorts from my

childhood days.  Those little wax soda bottles filled with some sort of liquid that you would have to bite the top of the bottle off to drink and then chew up the bottle -- Remember those?  A bit ridiculous, but I suppose we thought they were fun then!

2. I always wondered is wax fruit an offering for Mannequins that may stop over to visit?

Certainly!  But they best be on guard when visiting, as me and my evil Coyote may try to use them for our experiments!  Mwhahahaha!!!

3. If someone gave you a free ride there, which would you go to The House of Wax or Waxworks, and which would you spend the night in?

Waxwork!!!  What a thrill it would be to spend an evening with so many famous ghouls.  The likes of Dracula, the Phantom of the Opera, Zombies,

Mummies... A smorgasbord of fun and frightful people!

4. You have a DVD Player that runs on an atomic battery what five DVD's you would want with you on a desert island?


Well...  I would definitely want to have The Rocky Horror Picture Show along that is one of my all time faves! Let's do the Time Warp Again!!

Next, I would have to say I wouldn't want to be stranded anywhere

without my Queen Live at Wimbley DVD gotta have my Freddie!!!

Then, I'd want to have my favorite porn flick, Ten Little Maidens, you know one wouldn't want to get bored... Murder and orgies on an isolated island and a guy killed by a rubber duckie strangling his dick what could be more entertaining?!

And speaking of entertaining, How about John Waters' Pink Flamingos??? Now, that's a wild romp!

Then, I guess to tickle my funny bone, something 3 Stooges!

5. Zombies are running in your front door and you're running out the back door. What three items do you take with you (They don't have to be survival items).

No brainer!  Beer, Cigs, and Tequila. Those zombies aren't getting a hold of my stash! Ha ha ha!!!

Me: Okay, that's the last of them and thank you for letting me keep a few candles here. And thank you for being such a great guest. 

Jfay: Thank you much Steve, and I hope to see you around the Bloody Bordello very soon!