Friday, July 3, 2015

The Storage Unit of Terror Salutes our Troops and Wishes America a Happy Birthday This 4th of July!

Today's post celebrates another birthday for America and is dedicated to those that fight the many dangers out there for us every day!

 Our Armed Forces

The Army

The Navy

The Air Force

And The Marines

I really want to thank these brave men and women for being away from their homes and families to keep us safe from hostiles that wish us harm. 
And I also want to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice...

I'm not making lite of what they really do face every day. But I've been told that when I create these "Salute" post it brings a smile to their faces, and they know I'm thinking of them and I really appreciate everything they do.  

So when you celebrate The 4th please keep everyone serving in mind and respect those that have passed.  

And if you would like to send much needed comforts of home to those serving "Any" is a great site to get information on what they are in need of and how to properly ship it. It even has list of what not to send (Just to keep everyone out of trouble).
The site also has links to Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guard personnel too. Just look to the top banner to find the link to the branch you wish to send supplies to. I've made sure to ask about this site with servicemen and it is one I can recommend.