Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Showcase of Jonathan Laslo's Knight Storm Photography

By Steve Mezo

Zolton The Zombie invites you to step inside
 and enjoy the Showcase of Jonathan Laslo's
"Knight Storm Photography"

He's really excited about this and wanted it to be a catered affair, but I had to remind him of our budget. I mean it's so tight that a heated up box of pizza rolls and a expired can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler would be extravagant. So we made sure to use the best unit in the complex to hang his works. 

So please no touching of the photos, copying or flash photography. Jonathan was extremely cool in giving Zoltan and me permission to do this gallery and I'm just asking for a little courtesy.  

Now your asking "Well okay Mr. exhibitionist how did you get permission to do this?!"

Well it all goes back to Jonathan and I having a mutual friend by the name of Janet Jay who is also Horror Host "Janet Decay". 

Oh yeah she has T-shirts too

And we're both part of Thomas Berdinski's newest feature 
The Giant Rubber Monster Movie Part 2

Tom is also how I had met Janet through the interwebs here and Janet does a lot of awesome modeling for Jonathan and that is how I met him on the internet through her. 

So now you know how I met Jonathan.

Now onto the showing!



Featured in The Barberton Gallery of Fine Arts




Mandi Doll

For information on hiring Jonathan, Modeling for him or any other inquieries visit him here on his Facebook