Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Terror of Blood Slaughter Massacre!!!


By- Stephen Mezo

Back in the 80's I lived my life in the pursuit of the best that the local Mom and Pop Video Stores had to offer in their Horror sections. You name it I probably watched it, no this isn't a "I'm the biggest horror fan ever!" post I just love watching movies. 

Fangoria was my bible and my guide with "The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops" I would search the shelves for new Slashers and Monsters to enjoy. And I was almost never ever disappointed, I mean as long as there was a basic plot and a lot of fake blood and gore I was happy. And this brings me to my review of "Blood Slaughter Massacre"!


Blood Slaughter Massacre "2013"

Mass Graves Productions
Written by Louie Cortes and Manny Serrano
Directed by Manny Serrano

The first time I had seen Blood Slaughter Massacre I was at Todd Staruch's "Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z". I had only caught the second half of the movie but Bradley Creanzo as "Johnny" and Carmella Hayslett-Grillo as "Carla" with a spot by her future husband writer/director Christian Jude Grillo as "The A$$hole", had me wanting to see the whole movie and wanting to own it even more. Only problem was it wasn't for sale yet!!!

So I had to wait... and I did. But when it was available for pre order I had that money out faster than Paypal could process it!

And a month later I had that DVD in my hands. I couldn't wait to put it in the player to take in everything that Blood Slaughter Massacre had to offer, and that was a lot. 

What is it about? Well what was every 80's Slasher about? You had the teens at a party, a jilted jealous ex-boyfriend, a crazy old guy with a dire warning, a police department trying to figure everything out, a hard boiled detective and of course a masked killer by the name of "The Ripper" killing everyone that he could get his hands on for reasons you would find out as you watch the movie. 

  Yup, it was all about this guy doing what he does best!!!

If you love 80's Slashers you will definitely love Blood Slaughter Massacre! Manny Serrano and everyone involved did such an amazing job to make it 80's accurate that I could have sworn it was filmed the same time that I was working on "Flesh Eaters From Outer Space"in Jersey and Andrew Jordan and Barry J. Gillis were working on "THINGS" up in Canada. 
And it was really rare to see a movie set in the 80's that kept the look real. Most filmmakers now think that anything and everything was neon back then... 
I mean they even went as far as creating a believable video store set!

Even the cinematography was spot on for the 80's Slasher Video that came out back then. I can't even imagine how many movies they had to study to get the lighting and any effects with an editing program to emulate the VHS look because HD would have killed the entire illusion of the time setting.  

Manny and Louie supplied a huge body count with plenty of creative kills by The Ripper and even threw in a twist at the end. 
And if that's not enough Bradley Creanzo and Ramon Inoa will keep your ears tuned in with his killer 80's soundtrack!!!

So now that I've told you about it order it, get a mess of hot wings, watch it and love it!!!