Saturday, November 8, 2014

Talking about Tom Ryans's movie FACES


By - Stephen Mezo 

 Tonight I'm talking about writer/director Tom Ryan's latest release
FACES (2014)

It's really cool getting to see a friend really develop as an artist. I remember when I had purchased Tom's first release "Day 9" about a year ago and really liking it. But then I just watched "FACES" tonight and was beyond impressed!

It had a great story, and I was really blown away by his use of camera angles. I mean most that try to do this go overboard and wind up taking away from getting lost in the movie. But Tom Ryan must have researched and studied the correct techniques for using them because it was the first thing that grabbed my attention.
And as Rob Dimension once said "It's great seeing a filmmaker use the locations as characters themselves". 

Another thing I loved about it is how much it reminded me of the styles of great 80's horror/thriller Video Store finds like Joseph Ellison's "Don't go in the  house", George A. Romero's "Martin" and "MANIAC" starring Joe Spinell that we grew up with. 

Tom Ryan really impressed me with how he actually had you rooting for his character about Frank Walker. I mean you shouldn't be, but you just can't help yourself. And everyone involved kept the story moving and the world of FACES real.

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