Saturday, November 8, 2014

Palying Alien Isolation on the PS4

By - Stephen Mezo

I just finished playing Alien Isolation on the PS4 and let me tell you it took a long time to do it...
It did have some glitches here and there and was way longer than it had to be, but it was worth the play time. The rest of his yadda, yadda is spoilers all the way through. So please stop yourself from reading further right here if you just want to buy the game and play sight unseen. 

Last chance...

Okay here we go!!!

First I want to start with if you haven't bought it yet, buy yourself a pre owned copy and save yourself a few dollars. Like I said I enjoyed playing it for the most part, but because of some parts that I'll talk about in a second I could have happily bought a pre owned. 

In the game your in the year 2137 as Ripley's daughter Amanda.
This is fifteen years after Ellen destroyed the first and blew up the Nostromo, and 42 years before Ellen is found by a salvage ship.

Amanda is investigating a space station that has possession of the Nostromo's flight recorder. Only problem is Amanda finds out too late that our favorite Xenomorph has put the galactic beat down on the space stations crew... 

When you're playing the game as Amanda you're reminded pretty quickly that she's an engineer and not a Space Marine. So you spend a lot of time laying low and moving a stealthy as possible to avoid run ins with paranoid survivors, homicidal Synthetics called "Working Joes" and the Xenomorph itself.  
Now there are parts of the game where you get all freaked out and are loving it (Especially with the lights off and while wearing headphones) but the game has way too much back and forth. And you figure this out way early on when you find that certain doors need special tools to open them.

And then there's the way too long play time. Don't get me wrong I want my money's worth from a game, but when your replaying the same ares for what feels like the fifteenth time you start to feel a little cheated. Which is why I recommend buying a pre owned copy.