Monday, July 14, 2014

Derek Huey's Stalking Miss Barlow!

By - Stephen Mezo

That kid Derek Huey is at it again!

It's hard to believe that I've been following his video shorts career for close to three years! I remember cracking up watching The League of Science episodes and getting completely hooked on them. 
I mean even with their lack of a budget (I think the Call of Duty episode's was only a dollar) the writing was really funny, the jokes were spot on and the acting really sold them. 

Derek has been really cool with sharing quite a few working projects with me to watch, and I've been lucky enough to have done work on two of them. 

But his latest "Stalking Miss Barlow" has really shown how much Derek's talent has grown in the three years I've known him here in The Matrix. 
He's invested in professional equipment and the production was a lot tighter this time around with the camera work and lighting. 

There are a lot of great jokes in the video short about working on low to no budget productions, dealing with a volunteer cast, getting a cast and crew from Social Media and crew and in jokes about some of the cast that you can figure out. 
But most of all Keefer Barlow keeps you watching the whole time.
She has a great comedic talent and is a killer character actress. 

Derek had invited me to watch a internet screener and once it goes into public release, you better make sure to watch it because it is worth it.