Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ray Charland knows what scares you!


By - Stephen Mezo

Ray Charland knows what scares you and how to make it so it can be displayed in your living room.

Just in case you haven't been introduced to Ray at The Storage Unit of Terror before I'll do it now.

Ray is the owner operator of "Forsaken Props".

And the man that created my Eddie Mask. 


This time he set his sights on creating every bodies favorite clown.
And he documented the creation of this very limited run of the mask.
This was taken as adjustments were being made to the sculpt
 and about five hours away from it's completion. 

 The finished and cleaned mold ready for pouring.

No machines or assembly lines here. 
Ray hand pours a very limited run of a mask and the mold is then destroyed. 

  After the poured latex has dried it's ready to have the excess trimmed off and the seam floated out. Lots of labor goes into this process as well.

 These have been trimmed but not seemed yet. Once they've been seemed they'll be ready for paint and hair.

Now they're being seamed, painted and haired. 
Ray even dyes the hair himself by hand. 

Once the hair is set Ray trims and styles it to match the character. 

And the final that was made available as a full display piece with a professional seamstress created costume, a display mask with the ruffle and wearable mask with the ruffle.   
Excellent Work Again Ray!