Thursday, February 13, 2014

Name That Cabin in The Woods Monster!

By - Steve Mezo

I know I'm not the first to type it and I won't be the last...

If you haven't seen this movie yet
Please stop reading right here, watch it and then read this article. 

If you have already seen it read on.

"The Cabin in The Woods" has to be my favorite salute to Monster and Horror movies yet. Instead of poking fun at how a lot of them are formula, they worked it into the story line and made us part of it.

I've been reading a lot of other sites and it almost seems like the whole theme of the movie flew over their heads. What they are trying to say is every single Monster and Horror movie we have ever watched was a controlled sacrifice made by the organization doing it. And that's why there are formulas and Rules as explained in SCREAM. And we the audience are the Gods that have to be appeased by these scarifies or the "The Horror Industry" world will end. 

Then more have been listing the monsters in the movie at The Purge Scenes in the last reel. And this is where the fun begins.
There is no right or wrong of who or what each monster is. Because most are facsimiles. If they did make the actual definitive of each character it would be gazillions in licensing. So they did some tweaking, and depending on what generation you're from you might identify them with a different movie.  But you can't mistake the 1988 "BLOB".

And one of my favorite homages was the holding area itself. I was so busy trying to see how many monsters I could pick out, I just recently figured out that the holding area is just a big version of 2001's "13 GHOST" holding area complete with artifacts. 

And a lot of people forget about the basement artifacts. There's a Fortune Teller Machine that could be a goof on "BIG" or the Jinn from"Wishmaster".   

There's a lot of talk about who "Kevin" is
 on the staff's betting odds board

and right away I thought he's the Kevin from "SIN CITY".

The I had read somewhere that it was a crew members name, but that was definitely wrong.

But Scott came through with some much needed info to do some proper edits to this piece and gave me this as the identity of who Kevin is.

*Kevin in CITW is based on Kevin from "We Need To Talk About Kevin". Director Drew Goddard has revealed that CITW's Kevin was loosely inspired by Kevin from "Sin City" as well as even Dexter Morgan but that he is most like the character "Kevin" from the novel and film "We Need to Talk About Kevin", in which the child Kevin displays sadistic violent tendencies...*

*Another big Thank You to Scott Ruth for the info.

And finally I think the Giant CGI Cobra is the one from the attic in the original RESIDENT EVIL video game. Remember how much fun he was?!

Now for a ever growing list of each monster found and where their inspirations may have come from, Scott Ruth has been researching and compiling photos of each creature/slasher. And you can see the results of his work on his MONSTERAMA GO-GO website's Facebook page. 

Use the banner below to visit there.
Now like I said there is no right or wrong with who these creatures are supposed to be, but I'd be quick to bet that Scott is really close to the mark.
He works on the list for fun between projects so make sure to use the link often to see who or what he's found each time, and there are a lot to list.  

Thank You Scott for putting so much work and time into it. 

And for more monster movie reviews by Scott Ruth check out the  MONSTERAMA GO - GO main site and check out Scott's Toy Archive Site too!