Thursday, January 9, 2014

Watching "A Tale of Nobody".

By - Steve Mezo

"A Tale of Nobody" is a movie short by one of the creative team members of NerdRemix Derek Huey

The other half of team NerdRemix is "Scream King" Thomas Gleba.

Now you may remember me talking about Derek's creation 
"The League of Science" 
And all I have to say is the man knows how to entertain me and make me laugh.

So I thought it was beyond cool when Derek had sent me a YouTube link screener of A Tale of Nobody.
It has this great uneasiness about it because you feel like your watching the day to day of a heartbroken Gamer. And you find yourself giggling over the way Derek portrays "Nobody", but at the same time when you were a certain age you could remember that  one breakup that really sucked! 

Then Derek really makes it fun with his nod to CLERKS and his mannerisms as Nobody, and the soundtrack has a a few nods to past favorites like "Toejam and Earl". But once again you keep finding yourself feeling like "Should I be laughing?" Because you can see Nobody unraveling as the day gives way to night.

The short runs a little over nine minutes (And make sure to watch all the way through the credits). And there is a bonus making of reel link with the A Tale of Nobody's video. 

Use the link below to give it a watch.


  Written and Directed by Derek Huey and Ivan Henriquez

Executive Producer Derek Huey

Produced by Ivan Henriquez, Adam Spencer, 
Alfredo Trejo and Jo Jo


Derek Huey (Nobody)

Deidre Stephens (Voice of Sarah)

Crystal Chistine (Sarah)

Brandon Pentecost (Kid)

Ivan Henriquez (Best friend voice) 
and ( Sarah's new Boyfriend Voice)

Music by Liquid Fish