Friday, December 13, 2013

Tattooed Steve's 2013 Holiday Special!

By - Steve Mezo

Matt Gacesa has been hard at work again creating some of the coolest yard decorating I've ever seen. I had typed about his work with collecting, repairing and repainting light up Blowmold decorations this past October

Here's some samples of Matt's Christmas Blowmold repaints.

A discarded pair of Christmas Candles

are given a whole new life.

Matt had bought these choir boys from a outdoor market 
that were painted with the wrong kind of paint for restoration.

Matt removed the original and house paint

 then did a complete paint restoration with the right kind of paint.

I figured since I'm still trying to figure out some December monster movie articles I would show off some more of Matt's work.

One of my favorite things that Matt does with his displays is help get donations for one of my favorite organizations. 

This year he decided to go with a Christmas Village theme with his Blowmold collection. 

The Santa Express is making all of it's scheduled stops

More choir figures are on display 

  The Classic Nativity is on display
 Jesus won't be in the manger until Midnight Christmas eve

 Lots of fun animal characters

Santa's Workshop made with "Little Tykes" reapinted play houses 

The Christmas Village Build a Bear Workshop 

And the Reindeer's Stable

and the flying sleigh has to be my favorite of his set ups so far. 

I think the coolest thing about Matt's displays is there is something for everyone to enjoy. And he's able to have a creative outlet that he can enjoy his collection with thousands of others. 

See you soon with some December Monster Madness!!!