Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Winter Halloween!

By - Steve Mezo

That's right Happy Winter Halloween! You can still have a Merry Christmas but I have more fun with Winter Halloween.

I know most of you are shaking your heads, but the fine line that was the month of November has been erased and Halloween and Christmas have been merged. And now Thanksgiving is a dinner break in between. 

Still don't believe me? Well A Christmas Carrol was the earliest to do a crossover with four ghost and Jacob Marley was one of the scariest ones of the bunch.

There he was talking to his best friend Ebeneezer a year after his own death to warn Ebeneezer about his past leading to a very bad existence. I think the part that always gave me the willies about him was the handkerchief tied around his head to keep his mouth closed when he was laid out. Then having to drag the chain he forged with the obsession of wealth was pretty brutal. 

And look at all of the Halloween type things we do and enjoy every Christmas.

We eat Gingerbread People and their houses like monsters.


We look forward to the treats
and the candy

make that lots of candy.

You get to wear costumes and be characters

put up all kinds of decorations inside and outside your house that you wouldn't any other time of year.

and have mythical creatures scurry around your house.

Then there are all of those Christmas Monsters like

The Grinch

 The Bumble

and Snow Miser and Heat Miser 

Then Nightmare Before Christmas came out and really started to swing the holiday pendulum the other way.

Decorations are covered in glitter


Trees are being used
 as well as wreaths

and I've even seen Halloween Holiday Lights!

Then there are all kinds of Halloween Monster Christmas songs like Lon Chaney Jr. "Monster Holiday", Christmas Horror Movies and Slashers, Heavy Metal Christmas Carrol Covers and my Mom's favorite tradition of a Halloween Present.

So now you're saying "Dude where are you going with this?!" and I'll have to answer with "They are both days (or months if you're like me) where you can just enjoy them. And if you decide to march to the beat of you're own drum solo, you can pick what you think are the best parts from both holidays and be happy for three months straight if you like." 

Happy Winter Halloween
and I promise this will be the last Fluff Piece for a while...