Friday, October 25, 2013

Talking about Rob Dimension's BAGGAGE!


By - Steve Mezo

I've seen Rob Dimension on the web for a while now and my wife and I had the chance to meet him with his beyond cool wife Kim at "Todd Staruch's Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z".

And when we were at Rob's table he was selling copies of his movie shorts "No Clowning Around" and "BAGGAGE". 

Jackie and I had watched both when we got home and after I had written about No Clowning Around and pretty much gushed about it, Rob had messaged me and asked what I thought about BAGGAGE. 

And my response was a "I liked It."

Now that doesn't sound bad, but in the scheme of things it kinda was.
It wasn't a matter of Rob getting mad at me or anything like that at all. It's just a different effort went into one compared to the other for him. 

No Clowning Around was taken seriously as a project, but the shooting atmosphere was about having fun creating the Mumbles character in a Tales from the Crypt stye. While BAGGAGE was a more intense Alfred Hitchcock Presents atmosphere, and the shooting was more regimented.

And how do I respond to that one? "I liked it..."

It took about two months for it to hit me like a cement truck, but I realized that I loved it just as much as No Clowning Around. And Rob Dimension has such a talent as an actor that it p!$$ed me off!!!

Seriously he went from a grungy clown that I could relate to in ways that only Rob and I would understand, to a man named Benjaman that I do not like!  
Seriously!!! Rob made me forget he was Rob Dimension in both shorts and became two completely characters!

Don't look at me and go "Well Duh, That's what he's supposed to do!" BECAUSE I KNOW THAT!!!
I'm saying he is True Metal when he does it and I can tell you not a lot of actors can. Look at the cast of FRIENDS they are the same characters in every kind of movie they are in. Not a single one of them act any different then their show characters. 
But if you put Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard and Dr. Richard Kimble in the same room you'll have five different people!

And that's what Rob Dimension did with "Benjamin". He gave me a man that I just do not like, and it worked. I mean it worked to the point of I looked past all of the cinematography, angles and settings and walked with Benjamin just not liking him as a person. 

So when Rob asked me what did I think of it, my response wasn't me talking about the production. It was me tolerating this guy named Benjamin that he asked me to hang out with. 

If you're still with me on this congratulations on being able to follow me talking about how much I love BAGGAGE as much as No Clowning Around.