Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Interview with actress and model Missy Heather!

By - Steve Mezo 

The weather has been so nice lately and really getting me in the mood for all kinds of Fall/Halloween type stuff. 
You know spending way too much fun money at the Halloween store eating pumpkin flavored whatever (that rules)! But for some weird reason a real pumpkin is beyond bland.

Then there's all kinds of Haunted and Hayrides, new horror movies (Yeah I know remakes) and it's perfectly fine for me to have a gazillion skeletons in my living room at least one month of the year. 

So in that happy holiday spirit I decided to invite one of the coolest ladies that my wife Jackie and I had the pleasure of meeting at Todd Staruch's Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z's "Missy Heather" (Byron)! 

She's in Newt Wallen's movie "Midnight Show" (Yup, the same one that I play a killer redneck in the trailer "Her Time of The Month").

And Bradley Creanzo is in it too, which ties into this whole paragraph because Missy is in Bradley's movie "The Bible Belt Slasher Part II (The Holy Terror)".

When she's not in Horror Movies, she's entertaining the Troops with The USO and doing Pin Up Girl photo shoots that are guaranteed to make you smile!  
I had invited her to stop by The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store in Keansburg and even bought a new six foot ladder so she could climb in the window to get in. 
Normally I use the door, but the property owner put a really good lock on this time. And I think he was still annoyed at me for hooking up that transformer outside the last time. 
Missy had arrived at the video store and instead of using the ladder to get inside she picked the lock with her Freddy Glove
 (Or would it be called a Freddie Glove?)

I turned the power back on to the shop, took a selection from the Horror section fired up the old VCR and Console TV then started the interview.   

What was the first Monster Toy that you've ever owned?

Godzilla. Of course I misappropriated it from my older brother. There was just no way I was getting stuck playing with dolls when he had a perfectly good monster.  

What was your favorite Monster Series when you were younger and your favorite now?

Growing up I'd have to say The Munsters. They were supposed to be considered freaks, I just found myself laughing and wanting to dress weird. My new favorite is the Directv Original series, Hemlock Grove. Those with cable are missing out.  

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up? 

Police Officer. Just something about having a cap gun in my hand was exciting. 

Which Female Monster is your favorite?

Morticia Addams. Her character was multifaceted. Witchcraft was implied. Smoke often materialized as she walked. Her passionate love affair with her husband was something of a faery tale. I relate to her joy and love of all things macabre. 

What was the first Monster ask you've ever owned?
(This was supposed to be mask...)

"Monster ask" ** Can you repeat or clarify the question?** If you mean the first Monster disk/movie, it was Bud Abbott and Lou Costello meet Frankenstein. Not only does watching it make me nostalgic for simpler times but the comedic timing between Abbott and Costello is nothing short of perfect. 

What was our favorite Monster Cereal?

Who could forget General Mills, Frankenberry Cereal? I looked forward to Halloween time every year just so I could have some. Still do. 

Did you have any imaginary monster fears, like Under the bed monster or Closets monster types?

Imaginary no, real YES. I was terrified of the Closet Monster and for good reason. I didn't know this at the time but the previous owner of my childhood home hung himself & died in my bedroom closet. As a child I would see him. It terrified me. I didn't know what he wanted or if he could hurt me.  

Oddest thing you've ever seen given a monster theme just to sell it? 

An urn. It's actually one of my favorite items, believe it or not. I use it for my sugar. It looks odd but suits me just fine. 

You're stranded on a desert Island with an atomic battery powered DVD player. What Five Horror DVD's or Blu-Rays do you have with you?

Abbott & Costello's Hold that Ghost, The original House on Haunted Hill, Shaun of the dead, Clive Barker's Hellraiser and the German film Anatomie, in America called Anatomy. 

If you hit a huge lottery what Horror Prop, Place or Costume would you want to buy?

An old church or castle in England. 

Zombies are making their way in the front door and you're running out the back, what three things do you take with you?

My Bug out Bag (which is filled with MRE's, batteries, knives and other essentials)  My Cigarettes and lighter. 

And just as she answered the last of my questions the police decided to try out their new battering ram thanks to me having the volume to high the TV.

But good thing for us I remembered the hidden rooom behind the horror section.
So we were able to race out the back door and that's when I thanked her for stopping by and then we continued our escape.