Thursday, August 8, 2013

Talking about The Last of Us on the PS 3.

By - Steve Mezo

I've been playing video games for a long time... Now I'm nowhere near calling myself a Gamer, but I am someone that's been playing them for a long time.

So you would think that when I started playing "The Last of Us" 

I would have been like"Been there played that..." But it turned out to be just the opposite, I love this game and have played it through four times already!

I've read quite a few reviews where people have complained that that the plot is predictable and done before in a number of diffrent ways. Well I have to respond with "Everything has been retold and redone since the days of telling tales around the campfire". 
I really liked the the story and plot line and really did become attached to the characters. 

I was really happy with the control layout being shooter familiar, and was beyond relived that weapon upgrades are straight forward and easy to do.


The main reason I liked Joel was he wasn't perfect. He came from a background of being a survivor in what became a very unforgiving world, and honed his fighting skills to keep himself and his brother Tommy alive.

My jaw just about hit the floor when he had told Elly he had lived the life of a Hunter himself for a while. And his interrogation skills had really shown the full on involvement he had with them.

Elly was great as the street smart kid, but she wasn't over done as some kind of hard as nails super teen. She was thrown headfirst into the deep end of survival situations and fought her way through. But at the end of the day she was still a teenage girl, and I really felt bad for her when she had found another girls diary. 
She grew up in a world of brutality, self preservation, and wondering if she'll see the end of each day. And was reading about another that seemed to live in an entirely different universe where the biggest worry was not having the right outfit. 

Then there were characters that had watched their own worlds crumble around them. Bill going through the heartbreak of finding out that his (Partner) Frank planed on abandoning him and the relative safety of his secured town. Ish creating a community in the style of Tommy's, and hoping to give humanity a new start just to have it destroyed by infection. Then there was Henry who did everything he could to keep his brother Sam safe. But when Sam was bitten and turned, Henry couldn't live with the thought of somehow failing him. 

I couldn't get over the attention to detail in the game's backgrounds and sets. And it was really cool how your able to really explore the areas you're in after fighting and parts of the game where you're traveling.                
The way that the houses were left after twenty years of forced evacuations were eerie. And then various survivors either rummaging through the houses and apartments or using them as temporary shelters themselves made you wonder how many stories they held.

When Winter hit and Elly was the playable character my heart sank thinking that Joel didn't survive his injury. And I was actually afraid for Elly having to continue on her own.
And I had a feeling that David was shady the second he had shown up and introduced himself to Elly.

And when Joel had found out about The Firefly organization being responsible for the deaths of countless immune people in their quest to create a vaccine, he wasn't about to have Elly taken like his own daughter Sarah. When I go to that part of the game nobody left that operating room except Joel carrying Elly!

I suspect that there's going to be a follow up game to The Last of Us, and if there is I'm making sure that there will be a lot less of the Fireflies in that world too.