Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Talking about The Bible Belt Slasher Parts I and II.

By - Steve Mezo

A couple days ago my wife and I were at a Mini Indie Horror Convention "Grindhouse Days at Cafe Z" hosted by Todd Staruch, Thomas Ryan and Carolyn Baris.

We had a great time there and met a lot of really cool people. As we were checking out the tables we saw the banner for "The Bible Belt Slasher Part II (The Holy Terror)". And at the table was the writer, director, actor and owner of Bradco Bradley Creanzo.

I had asked Bradley if the movie was his or if he was only in it and he had told me "both". I planned on buying a DVD from everyone there and had asked him to autograph it for me. When he did he asked me what I wanted as part of the autograph and that's when I had a complete Brain Fart... I'm used to having someone just signing their DVD's or photo prints and simply saying "Thanks for coming" so that's what I had him write. 

Then my wife an I had realized how much he had looked like me way back when I started acting and doing special effects. 

Check it out
     This was me back in 1993

And here is Brad with me at Cafe Z in 2013
It was like my own Hot Tub Time Machine.

 I know, I know "Get to the movie"... 

After a full day of watching Indie Horror's with their creators and getting to meet the cast members we got home and proceeded to watch our new DVD's. And I was really happy to see that The Bible Belt Slasher Part I was also on the DVD with Part II (The Holy Terror). 

If want to know what it's about, I can explain it pretty quick.

 This is Jason Fry 
(Larry Baumer)
 He's mentally unstable and after being prank called by a group of bored teenagers goes off his meds and decides to punish the wicked. 
And this is where the fun starts!

Bradley and his crew kept me entertained the whole time through parts one and two. I loved how they went as far as they could with keeping you in the mindset that it was made in 1988. Everything from the props to the costumes and even going as far as building a Video Store set went into the production. 

Part one is pretty much a introduction to Jason Fry and throwing a whole lot of kills at you as fast as possible. While two goes deeper into Jason's backgorund and delivers even more kills. As well as a Bar Fly Santa getting beat down. 

Both movies are made out of love for all the killer Slasher Movies that we rode our bikes to the video store to see, or gave up complete weekends of sleep just to watch as many as we could on cable. And not only did Brad write, direct and act in them he scored them as well. 

There is more than enough fake blood to go around as well as other extras that are expected from 80's Slashers. As well as a good storyline to keep everything moving along.

It's not easy doing these either. Sure a lot of people can say "Anybody can do that" or take an elitist high ground and badmouth the works of others that write a pretty entertaining plot and work with the budgets and equipment they have.
But it takes special talents from people like Bradley Creanzo to make these entertaining, fun and able to find their audiences. 

And both brought me back to a time when I spent long hours in a rubber Space Sea Creature costume, and creating F/X kills on a nightly basis on complete strangers. And it just blew me away how close they were in looks to what I had worked on twenty years before. 

These two have definitely earned their place in my "Hot Wing Movie" favorites collection. 

A day or two after I met Bradley and had seen him play "Johnny" in the soon to be released "Bloood Slaughter Massacre" by Manny Serrano


I found out from writer/director Newt Wallen that he's in the trailer "Coin Slots" in his (Newt's) movie "Midnight Show" that I'm in with the trailer "Her Time of The Month".

So technically we're in the same movie, pretty cool huh?