Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Interview With Entertainer And Singer Christopher Inlow.

By - Steve Mezo

They say "Chuck Norris doesn't sleep he waits", well I'm starting to think that Christopher Inlow doesn't sleep either he entertains! 
 Apocalypse Kiss production still: Photo Credit Carmela Hayslett Grilllo

He's had roles in Christian Jude Grillo's "Deer Crossing" and the upcoming "Apocalypse Kiss" along with other projects, Acts in stage productions, host the 2 for Nantucket Podcast Show, he's in the process of authoring a book of Adult Lymrics/Poetry, he's doing some stand up comedy shows featuring the same, He's involved in The Musical Burlesque show "Kubrilesque", and in the award winning web series "Shotgun Mythos" as the character Thales Miletus, he is the lead singer of the band "Above The Silence" and is working on a children's book of poetry. And to top it all off he has a super secret Cartoon Show in the works.     

"Above The Silence" Group Shot: Photo credit Tasbir

Now I've been trying to get him to The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store for an interview for the longest time, but time constraints have made it very difficult until now. 

I was watching The Fly from 1986 and the idea came to me to build my own Telepods! So all I had to do was hit the button combo on the remote (You can find it on Google) to get the hidden how-to on building them. 

I wouldn't advise it for the Star Trek Transporters because they are very math heavy and you have to be spot on, or as they say in Ghostbusters "All of your atoms go on separate vacations!!! 

But to make Teleporters is a lot easier. All you need is a repair manual for a 1973 Ducati 750 Super Sport Motorcycle, a dial up modem, a copy of Windows 95, a huge power source, lots of heavy gauge cable and the best bug zapper you can buy.

I set up the first Telepod in the back of the video store

Sent the second Telepod to Christopher by UPS to set up in his basement

Then turned on the borrowed power transformer outside the Video Store

And it worked!!!

Christopher got out of my Telepod took a seat and was able to answer everything I wanted to know.

What was the first Monster Toy that you've ever owned?

The first Monster I remember owning was the Rankor monster from Return of the Jedi. There was a trigger on his back and when you pushed it- it would make his mouth open up. It made chewing up G.I Joes, Star Wars figures, and Rubber WWF (World Wrestling Federation, Not World Wildlife Entertainment) easy and fun. There was always a clear ending. If you were not the Rankor Monster- You would be eaten by him.

What was your favorite Monster Series when you were younger and your favorite now?

Well this is a tough question. Allot of what I watched growing up were TV series that had monsters in them. I have always been a big fan of short stories. I enjoy reading them, watching them, writing them, everything! My father was a huge Sci-Fi fan so I was exposed to great reading material, great films, and great shows! Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Monsters, Friday the 13th, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Freddy's Nightmares, The Outer Limits- Stuff like that. If your not talking about a TV series- It was A Nightmare on Elm Street- I was the weather man on my elementary schools TV show and I went on that show AS Freddy Kreuger. I was a pretty crazy weather guy.

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

Somewhere buried deep within my parents photo collection is a picture of me at 5 years old. I am wearing a Casper The Friendly Ghost costume. I don't know why I remember this so well. Maybe because I loved that costume so much. As far as non Halloween Costumes- my mother made me a Super Hero cape. One side of it was Superman and when you flipped it over it was The Greatest American Hero. One of my most prized items ever. Wow, I really wish I still had that thing.

If you played with Green Army Men what was their worst foe?

I don't remember playing with green army men. I was probably the only one that didn't have buckets full of them too. My parents didn't buy me bulk toys like that. I had 1 G.I. Joe "Bazooka" (I didn't even have another G.I. Joe for him to fight till much later), 1 big rubber wrestler (These things were awesome although they didn't change position- You actually learned how to fight other toys with the wrestler in one flexed muscle position- Mr. Wonderful was in Bodyslam mode at all times). I had a couple of wrestlers but I got those from trading. Green Army men?  I guess they didn't want little green things all over the place to step on. If I did have them- They would have been eaten by the Rankor Monster.... Or my Mortermer Snerd Vantriloquest Dummy. ha! I loved that thing too!

What was the first Monster ask you've ever owned?

The first Monster mask I ever owned. I will go back and say Casper. I don't really remember owning many mask. If my look was altered it was by face paint or makeup.

What was our favorite Monster Cereal?

Hello my name is "Crispy" How do you do. New "Crispy Critters Cereal" is entirely new. It's indubitably delicious. Hello my name is Crispy and this is the hunch- this is the low sugar cereal with lots of cu-runch" I think that may have been it. At least I have that commercial eternally stuck in my brain. I remember liking Co Co Puffs- Honestly though. I don't know if they were supposed to be monsters or not... but alot of those cereal characters, if brought to life would be scary as hell! Imagine hearing a bang on the inside of your closet and hearing a deep voice from beyond say "IIIIIIIm Coo Coooooooo Foooor CoCo Puuuuuuuuffs" you get up and race to the door... but only to be met by a gigantic deranged Bird.

Did you have any imaginary monster fears, like Under the bed monster or Closets monster types?

I was not afraid of monsters in the closet or under the bed. I was afraid of monsters in the dark. My imagination was insane! I remember praying in my thoughts at night when I was really little. Then having the prayer interupted by the voice of Satan who would tell me bad things. Crazy stuff. I was a fairly normal kid who may have seen to many movies or read to many stories. Bed or closets... no.... I feared the monsters in my mind.

Oddest thing you've ever seen given a monster theme just to sell it?

The Cookie Monster, What in the world is that about? Think about it. A big blue sugar toothed Monster that obsesses over cookies. Maybe that is just the oddest Monster- Really- we are all raised with the Cookie Monster so it doesn't seem that out of the ordinary. Imagine if you were not though. Imagine you walk into your kitchen and a big freaking monster was insanely throwing- THROWING cookies down his throat. Coooooo kieeeeee!!!

You're stranded on a desert Island with an atomic battery powered DVD player. What Five Horror DVD's or Blu-Rays do you have with you?

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, The Changling  (With George C. Scott), The Blob, Twilight Zone The Movie, A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scott). I dunno- This is a really tough question. I remember coming home every day after school and watching The Lost Boys. I was (and still am) a huge Corey Feldman fan and like it or not- Corey Feldman killed the human form of Jason Vorhees. Machete to the face! OUCH! Okay maybe not Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Maybe Friday the 13th part 4 or A Nightmare on Elm Street part 3. Bram  Stoker's Dracula, Halloween (4 or 5) What are you trying to do make my head explode? We could be going on with this forever! Oh I know. There are DVDs that have like 20 movies on 1 DVD- So...... I could have all of those. Hellraiser, Waxwork, Blood Sucking Freaks! Is the Toxic Avenger a Horror film? I'm sorry- I just can't do this without my brain exploding.

If you hit a huge lottery what Horror Prop, Place or Costume would you want to buy?

All the dinosaurs from Jurrasic Park and make a killer theme park. I would call it "The Storage Unit Of Terror"  

(I'm unplugging the bug zapper for that one...)

Zombies are making their way in the front door and you're running out the back, what four things do you take with you?  

Danielle Harris, Winona Ryder, Amanda Bynes, the Genie From Aladdin and my Event Agent Missy Gordon of The Scarlet Abbey!

And after that answer he got back in the Telepod and made it back in time to be in yet another production!