Monday, August 26, 2013

A Grindhouse Weekend at Cafe Z!

By - Stephen Mezo

A man by the name of Todd Staruch from
 had an idea for a Mini-Horror Convention and named it 
"Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z".

Todd was then able to get the cooperation and support from a few friends and made it possible.
Thomas Ryan, Patty Inghilleri, Todd Staruch and Carolyn Baris

Everybody there was really great and it was cool how four of the productions were all by a group of friends that worked together. 
And it really blew me away to find out from Newt Wallen that a few of the people there are part of his production "Midnight Show" as well.

And my wife and I had the chance to meet Rob and Kim Dimension
It was really cool because we were able to buy "No Clowning Around", see the screening of it and have time to talk to them about the movies and find out about "Baggage" that we now own as well. 

We were able to spend a little time with Andrew Vallee from "Horrorgasm" and his wife, and had the chance to see quite a few screenings before they were even played and made available at the larger conventions. 

We watched Manny Serano's "Blood Slaughter Massacre", Rob Dimension's "No Clowning Around" and Ryan Scott Weber's "Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies".

And I bought "No Clowning Around", Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies", Thomas Ryan's "Day 9" and Bradley Creazno's "The Bible Belt Slasher" (Parts 1 & 2).

Then my wife and I were able to meet and become friends with Dee who is a Professional Photographer "DeeKae Imagery" and recorded a lot of the goings on in pictures. 

Dee and Kim Dimenson showing the proper way to have fun at a Horror Convention.

Then Jackie and me met Freddie VS Jayson

Dennis Carter Jr. appeared as everyone's favorite dude that says "Groovy", and looked so much like him that you were waiting for Deadites to show up!

Model and Actress Missy Heather was there
to support Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies where she played "Kim"
And The Bible Belt Slasher part 2 as "The Dispatcher". 

Then I got to meet Bradley Creanzo
 (Writer/Director and Composer for The Bible Belt Slasher Parts I & II)
Nobody can do a death scene like this guy in a movie!!!
And he gets killed a lot in em'.

Tarot Reader and Actress Genoveva Rossi
was there in support of Sheriff Tom VS. The Zombies 
in her role of "Seance Leader Jo Jo"
and conducting Tarot Readings

I had a blast talking with Rev. Patrick Devaney and reminiscing about the old days of Indie Horror Production and working with and editing 3/4 Video. 

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Rob Dimension had told me about Cafe Z's Stuffed Meatball! All I can say is it's the size of a softball, stuffed with zesty ricotta cheese and just amazing. 

Good Times were had by all that Saturday
Thomas Ryan and me of "Vlad The Inhaler" fame and Writer Director of the zombie horror short "Day 9"