Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just got home from watching WORLD WAR Z.

By - Steve Mezo

Let me start by saying I was loaned the book "World War Z" by my friend Mark. And Max Brooks did such a great job that I bought my own copy for my Kindle and read it three more times.


And since the book became a huge success it was turned into a movie.

I have to say that I really liked Brad Pitt in this, but to be fair I've liked him in every other movie I've seen him in too. 

What the movie boils down to is, it is very loosely based on the book and it's a Popcorn Summer Action Flick. 

It didn't have a lot of blood and or gore, it used a lot of very well done CGI and camera angles that would make you think of just about every favorite Sci-Fi and Action movie on your VHS/DVD shelves. And it sports a ton of jump scares as well as a double helping of action sequences. 

Now there are a ton of people that hate the movie for various reasons (you can take the time to look them up if you wish), but I had a good idea of what I was going to see going on in. 
I would have liked to see an exact translation of Max Brooks work, but I knew that a Major Hollywood Studio wouldn't chance it not doing a big return. 

But the movie did drive home the sacrifice that Service Men and Women make when everything hits the fan normally, never mind a global scale. 
When the crisis like that happened it sucked that entire families were wiped out, and others were forced to fight for survival and hoped to make it as long as possible. But all of the Military Personnel had to do what they swore to do.

The movie stayed away from showing you what what was obviously going on, but put you on the front lines with these men and women. And it made me think "Wow I couldn't imagine keeping all of my marbles in one bag while all of that was happening!" I mean here you are with the best firepower available and you're defending complete strangers.
And most of these soldiers, sailors and airmen had families of their own at home facing it head on without their help. Then others were told to stand guard of an HQ while they could see their own hometowns or cities falling to the outbreak on update screens.
Then being around others having their family members given a safe place to stay and protected, did make some a little resentful. 

So it really drew me in with that. 

And yeah it had a ton of Movie Magic Moments where the hero had the best luck ever in existence. But that's what you paid to see, the Good Guy winning and saving the day in the most unbelievable way possible.