Saturday, April 6, 2013

Still Talking About Hallowen III - Season of The Witch


By - Steve Mezo 

I was watching "Halloween III: Season of The Witch" a few nights ago, and when I was doing a little research about it on the internet (Because I was thinking of picking up one of the Jack-Lantern mask) I was really surprised that there's some definite opinions about this movie amongst Horror Fans to this day.  

I remember when I had seen it for the first time in the theater when I was twelve. I was a little thrown off at first because it had nothing to do with Michael Meyers, but then I remembered that Michael had his eyes shot out and was burned to death by Dr. Loomis a year before. So my Mom and I watched this movie with the killer Androids that reminded me of a really hard core version of the ones on "The Six Million Dollar Man".

Then there were the really cool mask that any one of us would want to own! 
And the scary part was any of us would have had all three for our collection because latex Hallowen mask were still inexpensive back then.

Sure they would turn our heads into Oogie Boogie's insides when The Silver Shamrock commercial was on, but hey we would still be wearing a cool mask!

And "Conal Cochran" was the ultimate legend of the Trick or Treater hating old man. Instead of poisoning candy or putting razor blades in apples he was taking part of Stone Henge and using science to add a Celtic Hex to it to really scare up some Halloween Spirit. 

Finally it wrapped up with that creepy ending where you have no idea if "Daniel Challis" convinced the Network to stop the last channels broadcast of the Silver Shamrock commercial or if Cochran still had his Happy Halloween from beyond the grave. 

It seems a huge majority of people that don't like it (Aside from the plot holes and other production flaws) are those that feel cheated by the company using the HALLOWEEN name to get viewers. And I can agree that it was a really lousy thing to do. 

If there was some kind of heads up to the fans letting them know that this would have been a new series, maybe it would have done better at the Box Office. I mean any kind of tag line above Halloween III or even accompanying Season of The Witch would have worked, like "He wasn't the only thing to fear..."  
Then they could have went into a few different supernatural stories like John Carpenter wanted to. And to really freak everyone out they could have made a better version of Halloween H20 where it had Halloween 4's beginning with Michael escaping the ambulance during transport near Haddonfield (with Dr. Loomis being long since dead from the blast of course) and having H2O's ending where Laurie Strode beheads Michael. That would have blown everybody away, not seeing Michael in a movie for years and then having that crazed of an ending.      

Now that would have been something to see.